Why You Should Use a Professional Installer for Your Displays

Professional Installers

After spending a lot of time, energy, and money designing and building your display, it’s time to decide who will install it. You may consider doing it yourself, and we understand why. The idea of no installation cost is appealing. It will be a piece of cake, right? Wrong.

Countless times companies learn the hard way that installing or setting up a display isn’t as quick and easy as it may seem. Therefore, the choice is easy. Whether you are building a trade show or permanent display, there are several reasons why you should use a professional installer. Here are three of them:

  1. Professional installers will save you time by getting it done faster, and getting it done right the first time. They will also save you and your employees’ time by freeing you up to focus on your areas of expertise. People often underestimate the time it takes to set up a trade show display. Professional installers have set up hundreds of displays and can do it in a fraction of the time. When it comes to permanent displays, professionals know how to hang display elements straight, drill into appropriate places in the wall, and hide things that don’t contribute to the final, polished look.
  2. Hiring professional installers is not as expensive as you think, and may be built into the cost of the display. Even if using professional installers costs you more, it is well worth it. Permanent displays are one-of-a-kind, built to order pieces. No one wants to spend the time to build one and then see it get damaged when a customer who isn’t skilled in installation takes it upon themselves to install it. Sometimes you can even negotiate to include the installation as part of the design and build process.
  3. Professional installers are pros when it comes to trouble shooting and problem solving. Some kind of problem or snafu is likely to arise at some point in the install. Professionals know how to anticipate and plan ahead for common challenges that occur during installation and setup. They know what tools are needed for the job as well. They are also knowledgeable about all the components of a final display, including lighting, electrical needs, programming, flooring, etc.

When professionals do the job, it means fewer headaches for you. Since keeping your business is a top priority for them, they provide excellent customer service, work around your schedule, and make sure to clean up when the job is done. Professionals have tons of experience, and know how to handle logistics and safety concerns as well.

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