Get Out of The Box: Why You Should Take Creative Risks with Your Exhibit Design

Why You Should Take Creative Risks with Your Exhibit Design

Why You Should Take Creative Risks with Your Exhibit Design

At trade shows and other events, memorable visitor experiences begin with clever exhibit design.

Looking like everyone else and blending into the background isn’t going to draw people to your display. On a jam-packed show floor that’s brimming with competition, standing out from the crowd means getting creative.

When it comes to designing an exhibit that will break through the trade show clutter and deliver real results, here are seven smart ideas to consider:

  1. Get closer to your customer.  Because the ultimate goal of exhibiting goal is to advance the sales process, the most inspired booths create more opportunities for lead generation. Stronger connections to your buyers mean first gaining a deeper understanding of them. Are they bold or timid? Do they embrace innovation or avoid risk? Think about what your target market wants the most, their fears, their demographics, their lingo, and more to develop a detailed profile. The most fruitful exhibit designs speak to end users in unique and appealing ways that are designed just for them.
  2. Infuse your brand. A central element of your overall marketing strategy, your brand lets people know what makes your business unique. You’re missing out on a big opportunity to share that message and attract potential new customers if you aren’t infusing it throughout your trade show display. Out-of-the box branding for your trade show display goes beyond simply including your logo and colors. Is your company lighthearted or serious? Is your style retro or futuristic? Whatever your brand is about, bring it to life by creating an atmosphere that embodies it. It’s an important first-step in sparking attendees’ curiosity and being remembered after the show is over.
  3. Go big. Upsizing your booth—especially vertically—makes it visible to attendees well before they actually reach your aisle. You can create a beacon for your display by incorporating components that extend high above it. Make visitors want to find out what’s below with clever large-scale vinyl banners suspended from the ceiling or with an oversized 3D logo that seems to hover over your booth. Display pieces like these require special logistical considerations, so work with your trade show organizers from the outset to ensure they can be accommodated.
  4. Make it interactive. An interactive trade show booth gives visitors something fun to do and makes your business memorable, too. One clever way to incorporate interactivity is by inviting visitors to test out your product. Another option is through a game format that adds an entertaining element and gets people to relax. For example, a simple trivia game about your industry is a great way to engage visitors. It also initiates conversation and allows you to easily transition into talking about your product or service. You could even incorporate hints to the answers into your display’s backdrop to encourage people to check out your exhibit more carefully.
  5. Host a photo booth. People love taking pictures. Whether you use an instant Polaroid print out or send them by e-mail, guests will enjoy coming to your booth to snap some fun candid shots. Use this opportunity to include a step-and-repeat logo backdrop or branded banners, as well as relevant décor. If your event is more corporate in nature, you could bring the value with a LinkedIn photo shoot so guests can have an updated professional headshot taken for their profile. For less serious trade shows, use the same photo booth adorned with fun props and scenery that are emblazoned with your logo. Share your photos on social media to dial up your digital marketing presence.
  6. Consider a giant object. Make your booth a must-see experience by making a super-sized replica of your signature product its central design element. This ingenious display idea is sure to grab attention and eliminate any questions about what it is you’re offering. From Nokia’s giant cell phone to Ray Ban’s 15-foot-high sunglasses, smart exhibitors are seeing the value in creating a buzz with colossal product reproductions. Just make sure your replica is relevant, easily understandable and aesthetically appealing.
  7. Show off your helpful side. Has your product or company helped people in a way that makes you especially proud or in a manner that would resonate strongly with others? If so, why not make that powerful experience a key component of your exhibit? You could develop oversized graphics with quotes, or even make it interactive by adding recorded testimonials. This gives you the chance to powerfully associate yourself with service to others during your trade show interactions, and who couldn’t benefit from that?

At Adler Display, we’re committed to designing and fabricating creative trade show displays that welcome visitors, build your brand, and provide memorable experiences. Are you ready to make your next event its most amazing? We’re here to help! Please contact our team of experienced professionals today.   

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