Why You Need a Step and Repeat Logo Backdrop

Step and Repeat Logo Backdrops

You can see step and repeat logo backdrops at events, trade shows, and press conferences. They’re placed behind celebrities, salespeople, and football coaches. Step and repeat logo backdrops are great for showcasing your logo or company when featured in images that might be shared organically, in TV shots, and printed in a newspaper or magazine.

There are many reasons why it might make a lot of sense for your organization to get a step and repeat backdrop.

  1. Add a little bit of wow! factor

If you’re hosting an event for donors, volunteers, or even the press, having a step and repeat logo backdrop adds a little bit of wow factor. You can make attendees feel like celebrities, while ensuring you get good, consistent images to use in any internal or external publications. With a step and repeat logo backdrop, your events will feel more polished and professional. It signifies that your organization takes itself seriously.

  1. Use them repeatedly

Other graphics might get stale quickly, or be specific to an event or show, but a step and repeat logo backdrop is easy to design, execute, and continue using for a long time. Since it’s solely a repeated logo, you’ll only need to replace it if the graphic is damaged or your organization rebrands.

  1. Internal video/photo backdrops

Many times, new employee photos, product images, or video production can make good use of step and repeat logo backdrops. They can keep your branding present in your building, press releases, and events.

For our clients, we recommend always choosing a fabric graphic for step and repeat logo backdrops. Fabric is light, much easier to transport than rigid panels, and does not reflect glare in photographs like vinyl. Fully dye-sublimated fabric graphics can accurately reflect all your logo colors and even be washed if the graphic becomes stained or dirty.

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