Aug 5, 2021 | Articles

From financial institutions to hotels and corporate offices, chances are you’ve encountered dynamic digital screens in the lobby.

In the hospitality industry, they’re often used to welcome guests, showcase the main features of the hotel, and note nearby attractions. Large corporations and small businesses alike rely on office lobby screens to greet visitors, enhance the customer experience, and facilitate internal communications. In medical offices, they’re commonly used to put nervous patients at ease before appointments.

There’s a lot of power packed into these sleek visual communication tools!

Digital is getting more attention than ever.

Taking a tech approach to lobby signage comes with its share of advantages. Digital displays are brightly lit and can be created in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions to draw attention even from a distance. Sophisticated and modern, they can also be quickly modified to display current information, such as news feeds, daily specials, and promotions. It’s no wonder businesses in every industry sector are finding ways to put digital signs to work in their entry areas.

Here are four good reasons to consider adding a digital component to your company’s lobby.

1. Enhance and revitalize your surroundings.

Institutions and facilities of all types and sizes can use various forms of digital signage to create impressive visuals in spaces that are dull and unimpressive. Convert an empty wall into an opportunity to promote your organizational mission, enhance credibility, and keep members and clients actively involved. Whether you’re seeking to showcase your firm’s values, put important historical milestones on display, or share the positive impact you’re making on the community, digital lobby signage is the tool that brings your message to life.

2. Captivate visitors from the moment they walk through your doors.

If you’re in search of that extra wow factor to enhance fundraising efforts, digital donor recognition displays positioned strategically in the lobby might just be the solution. Integrative digital displays can blend in with existing architecture and include touchscreens, video walls, audio, and imagery that communicate the values of your organization at glance.

3. Share your company’s unique story.

People tend to patronize businesses to which they can relate. Why not make the best use of visitors’ waiting times by telling them about your journey and explaining your mission and brand concept? You don’t have to be a huge corporation like Nike or Apple to craft a compelling story. Proudly share your message with a fascinating piece of digital lobby signage and you might be surprised by the response you receive.

4. Make wayfinding a snap.

If you have ever walked into a building and weren’t sure if you were in the right place or which way you should go, then you know how confusing and frustrating it can be. Having well-placed, legible wayfinding signage in the reception area is one of the most important things you can do to welcome your visitors, patients, customers, and clients. Maps, directories, interactive kiosks, and office signs are just a few examples of lobby signage that can help visitors to find their way and ensure their experience at your facility is a good one.

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