Why Campuses Should Take Their Signage Seriously

Campus Signage

Campus signage not only informs and directs, it also makes an impression as part of your school’s brand.

Here are some reasons why campuses should take their signage seriously:

  • Functionality  Campuses often have large, complicated layouts making clear and effective signage a must. Signage helps to inform and direct students, staff, visitors, and anyone spending time on your campus. Campus buildings should be clearly identified and maps should be incorporated in main areas to help people navigate.
  • Branding & Image  Signage done right reinforces a school’s brand by incorporating school colors, mascot, logo, style, and more. The quality of your signage will make an impression regarding the quality of the education and experience your college or university has to offer, so you want to ensure it is a positive one. Cohesive campus signage builds school pride and brings a sense of consistency around campus, helping people identify where the campus begins and ends.
  • Recruitment  Even though there are many regulars on your campus who are already accustomed to the layout, campuses are also frequented by prospective students, parents, faculty, and donors. Competing for new audiences can be fierce, and the appearance of your campus matters. Besides communicating your brand through signage, remember that the easier new visitors can identify and navigate their surroundings, the better experience they will have at your campus.

Additional Campus Signage Considerations

  • Carefully select the materials and finish you will use for your campus signage and how they will reflect your school’s image.
  • Exterior signage needs to be durable and weather proof.
  • Create signage that matches the style and architecture of the buildings on your campus. Make sure the styles complement each other.
  • Choose signage that can be updated and easily interchangeable. It will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Stay organized when planning a wayfinding system around a large campus. Be consistent in labeling rooms, buildings, parking lots, etc. For instance, if you name one room, "bathroom," don’t name another room restroom. Use consistent language.

Planning and executing the signage for your school can be a big undertaking. With the right help it will serve as a great asset to your campus.

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