Why Are Backlit Graphics so Popular?

The benefits of backlit graphics are impressive.

Backlit graphics and signs have have been grabbing attention for a long time. From retail signage to Times Square, lighting has been a tool advertisers leverage to reach consumers directly. With the advent of advanced LED lighting technology, backlit graphics have never been more compelling, more creative, and more budget friendly. So why does backlighting work so well?

Backlighting attracts attention.

The human eye is drawn to movement from our past as hunter-gatherers. Backlit graphics and signage can break through the dull background noise and focus attention on the message.

Emphasize your brand and services

Backlighting can make your brand, logo, or text bullets truly pop against the background. This allows you to quickly and communicate who you are and what services you offer.

Dynamic graphics

With new technologies like dynamic lighting and color-changing LEDs, your graphics can transform. Instead of a static image, you can play with colors and lighting in a way that can emphasize your message the way you want it seen.

Ease of assembly

Backlit trade show booths aren’t scary any more- you can select from a pop-up frame, tube frame, or aluminum extrusion- whatever your staff is comfortable working with, there is an option to backlight it. Most backlit booths require no more assembly than standard booths- you just need a power cord!

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