When Renting a Trade Show Display is the Better Option


When Renting a Trade Show Display is the Better Option

Do you need a quick, affordable and easy trade show solution? Are you short on time and limited on resources required to design, buy and manage an exhibit? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then renting a trade show display is the option for you.

Do you have a limited budget?
Rental is the cost-effective exhibit alternative. On average the rental cost is roughly 35% of the purchase price, allowing efforts to be made elsewhere and to maximize your budget.  Purchasing a booth space is costly in and of itself, so save a little money and rent. 

If you are unsure about an exhibit configuration, renting is the perfect option to “try before you buy”.  Get a feel for the functionality of the exhibit before spending thousands of dollars to own.  Take the exhibit on a test run, and determine if you will get a return on investment.  

Did you wait until the last minute to plan?
The show is in a couple of weeks and you need something quick, easy, but upscale looking.  Don’t panic! Off-the-shelf rental displays are pre-fabricated, so the time spent is only in the graphic design and print production to create a beautiful personalized exhibit. 

Do you only exhibit only one or two times a year?
It doesn’t make much sense for you to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a display if you only exhibit once or twice a year.  There is no commitment with renting a trade show exhibit; you give it back at the end of show. However, if you exhibit three or more times a year, purchasing a trade show booth is your best option.  You will save money in the long run. 

Do you need flexibility?
The best part of renting a trade show display is that you can use a different exhibit each and every time.  Renting gives you the versatility to create a new and fresh look from show to show.  Promote new products or releases every time you exhibit.

So next time you have a show coming up, consider your needs and the information above and give renting a try.

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