What Tone Does Your Office Environment Set for Staff?

Setting the tone for your office.

In the Information Economy, worker productivity can be affected by an incredible number of factors. Cubicle farms, open workspaces, and miles of fluorescent lights all have their proponents and detractors as the workforce changes and focus evolves.

Today’s workers want a stimulating environment that encourages communication while providing space for thought and contemplation. Bright colors and natural light help relieve stress and keep workers healthy. One study found that: “Our sense of sight enriches our experience, as we perceive the light and luster that activate and enliven space. Our sense of touch elicits response through the tactility of soft, plush textiles or that of strongly textured wood and stone. Such contrasts or dualities create beautiful and meaningful spaces that conspire to keep people engaged and refreshed.”

You can also keep your company’s mission and vision at the forefront of your employee’s minds with well-executed graphics, recognition displays, and colors that can remind employees of the bigger picture amidst the day-to-day activities they engage in. Clarifying thought and giving employees a chance to reflect are great ways to encourage focus and dedication.

Your lobby environment can also help set a crucial tone for staff and visitors as they enter for the day. An unkempt, shabby, dark office does not encourage thoughts of professionalism or cutting edge abilities. It discourages good communication and keeps employees tired and stressed instead of vibrant and healthy.

We recommend several key ideas if you are renovating your office space:

  • Display your branding and logo not just for visitors, but for employees and potential hires.
  • Create flexible spaces that allow for group communication and private conversation.
  • Keep your offices bright and well lit. Consider wall murals or lightboxes with nature scenes to help employees relax.
  • When remodeling, get employee feedback. Every group is different and has different needs.

For more information, check out lobby and corporate interior examples.

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