What's Trending for Trade Shows in 2017?

The New Year is here and it’s time to plan your 2017 trade show schedule.  As your exhibit experts, we have compiled the biggest trade show trends you will see this coming year – from more technology to environmentally friendly exhibits. Take a look and see how you can incorporate these trends into your next design!   

Augmented/Virtual Reality
Technology is going to be bigger than ever in trade show booths this year. Exhibitors are going beyond the iPads and touchscreens to incorporate virtual and augmented realities to really grab attendee’s attention. With virtual and augmented realities, exhibitors can create computer generated three-dimensional images and environments that offer physical interaction with using special electronic equipment. This a great tool for exhibitors who can’t physically demonstrate products at trade shows, but can give the attendee a quick simulation of what they can purchase. For example, a gun, army tanks, water products, and lots more.    

Digital Ordering
Exhibitors can encourage attendees to complete the ordering process before they ever leave the booth. Ordering technology, such as digital catalogs are being implemented into trade show booths to speed up the buying process, and gives comfort to attendees knowing they have someone there to walk them through it. And the best part is you can save money on literature booklets by having attendees send product information direct to their email via the digital catalogs, ultimately giving you a list of email leads.

Lounge Areas
Trade show booth designs are moving towards the simplistic builds with clean lines, open spaces, clear messaging, while doing away with the enclosed private meeting areas. Instead, exhibitors prefer to have inviting lounge areas with comfy seating and charging stations giving the impression of casual conversation without pushing products on guests.  We will see much more of these informal and laidback meeting areas this year.

Organic and Eco-Friendly Exhibits
The trade show industry is notorious for wasteful material, and in doing so, exhibitors are evolving to be more mindful of the environment through recyclable aluminum, fabric graphics, biodegradable flooring, water based inks, and much more. Eco-friendly trade show exhibits do not compromise the look, quality, or durability of the design. The flexibility and functionality are still the same, and may even deliver a higher ROI as many buyers nowadays are looking to collaborate with environmentally friendly exhibitors.  

Did these trends get your wheels turning? How will you incorporate them in your trade show exhibit this year?  Visit our exhibit portfolio here for inspiration!

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