What Are the Most Common Letters of the Alphabet?

Choosing a font and letter size for your next sign can be a challenging task as some render better than others and some are more visible from a distance. It’s important to get your signage correct because it draws attention to your place of business and helps to differentiate your brand from other competitors. With interior signage and displays, the font color, size, and style can lead to impulse sales, or encourage a new customer to return.

But, what looks best? Think even deeper into what elements create a sign, like the alphabet. According to the English Oxford Dictionary, the most commonly used letters in the English language are E, T, and A.  When designing signage, think about how these specific letters will render because they will more than likely be used over and over again. Consider what each of these letters will look like next to each other, the appropriate spacing, coloring, and contrast with the background.  If E, T and A don’t catch your eye, then the other letters will only look even more lost.

Why are E, T, and A so special?

  • Studies have found that the relative frequency of the letter E is 13%, compared to the letter Z which comes in last at .07%. (Robert Lewand's Cryptological Mathematics)   
  • The letter T is also the most common first letter of a word at 16.7% of words, and is the most commonly used consonant. (answers.com)
  • Every syllable in English must have a vowel (sound), which increases the usage of E and A.
  • One in eight of all the letters written in English is the letter E. (Bloomsbury International)

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