Ways to Use Facebook Live At Your Next Event

Facebook has a fairly new feature called, Facebook Live, which offers live-streaming video capabilities to users.  By clicking the live stream button, you can broadcast live video content from your smartphone. 

Now let’s take a look at how you can incorporate Facebook Live at your next event.

Reach a wider audience
With Facebook Live, you can stream your event right as it’s happening, allowing others who could not attend, to be part of the keynote speeches, or open ceremonies, etc.  This is extremely beneficial for global consumer companies, simply because, not everyone can attend the event.  With Facebook Live, no one is excluded from key takeaways and important announcements from your event.

Live Reactions
Users tuning into your Facebook Live broadcast can convey what they’re feeling through a number of emojis expressing emotions, and the broadcaster is receiving the reactions in real-time.  With this function you can gage how your audience feels about the event.  For example, if you are receiving a lot of sad or angry emojis, you may want to switch things up to get a better reaction. 

Share after the event
Not everyone will be available to watch the event live, so Facebook allows the broadcaster to save the video on their channel indefinitely until you want to delete.  This way, no one will miss out, and you can share the event as many times as you want.  Send out a reminder to your follower to watch the event if they missed it, and for those who watched it to relive the moments.

Build excitement
Not only is Facebook Live great for the event itself, but also for “behind-the-scenes” before the event.  By giving followers a look behind the making of the event, you are building hype and excitement for the actual events.  Followers will want to tune into the event to see if it will all come together for the full production.

Facebook Live is a great marketing and communication tool for a wide audience.  In the end, you are connecting and building a larger audience to strengthen your event marketing brand. Learn more social media tips here.

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