Wayfinding: Make Navigating Your Facility a Breeze

Everyone knows the feeling of being lost in an unfamiliar large facility like hospitals, airports, and shopping centers, it’s downright stressful. If a visitor can’t find their way, it can affect their overall experience and discourage them from coming back.  That’s why it’s important to implement a wayfinding strategy that is effective, easy to follow, and speaks to all audiences.

Help visitors find their way with these 5 wayfinding tips:

Keep it Simple
The best wayfinding signs are the ones that are easiest to understand. All content needs to be laid out in a manner that is easy to follow. Use recognizable symbols and graphics that are universally understood, with all entrances and exits labeled. Remember that too much information can be overwhelming; include only necessary information to get visitors from point A to point B.

Know your audience
Create your signage under the assumption that whoever is using them is a first time visitor.  Most facilities, like hospitals, are large, overwhelming, and tricky to navigate efficiently.  Keep in mind, when someone is viewing wayfinding signage, they’re experiencing emotions, and need quick and easy information. More importantly, consider adding multiple languages, to cater to all audiences.

Maps and overviews
Provide a birds-eye view of the entire facility at every major entrance and exit, to give visitors a general idea of where they are in relation to where they need to be. Make sure to clearly define, “you are here” to keep from any confusion. Take it one step further and provide map brochures for visitors to take with them, or promote a number they can text to have a map sent to their mobile devices.   

Provide signs at decision points
Install signs in areas where the visitors must make a wayfinding decision, like whether to continue on their current path, or to change direction. Decision points include elevators, stairways, hallways, or entrances and exits. Signs in these areas will guide the visitor’s choices, so provide the most relevant information as possible.

Relevant signage
Wayfinding signs should always be up-to-date with the changes that happen to the facility.  Don’t let wayfinding fall to the waste side, as it will only become a bigger project, and hinder a visitor’s experience. Replace and update sign changes as they happen to guarantee relevant directions. The great thing about digital wayfinding is that it can be updated at any time and from anywhere.

Learn how to take your wayfinding digital in your healthcare facility with these 5 tips.

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