Transition to Virtual Events

Transition To Virtual Events

With the intense disruptions occurring due to the COVID-19 virus, most physical meetups and trade show events have been cancelled. Instead of crowded trade show floors, attendees might see virtual product demos from their home offices. So how can you convert your event into an online-only format that will still engage attendees?

Find the right Event Solution

Consider the size of your event, how many sessions you want to host, what engagement features you want, and the costs before signing on with a provider.

Virtual panels and forums

One of the most compelling parts of live events are the forums and panels that allow for discussion and thought leadership. Consider adding a remote Q&A session to really engage attendees.

Include Live and Pre-Recorded Content

With live and pre-recorded content, attendees can choose to participate live or at their speed. It can also help mimic the flow of an ordinary conference by allowing attendees to pick and choose what they want to experience.

Pick the Right Host

For virtual events, a host will be a valuable tool to guide attendees through the program. Whether you choose a professional speaker or a staff member, they should be able to speak naturally, follow a script, and look into the camera to make a connection with attendees.

Look Professional

Don’t make the mistake of filming inside your home office. Pick an area where you can set up a professional backdrop- plants, video screen, or logo backdrops. You can also consider a more intimate setting, like a comfortable fireside chair.

Don’t Forget The Details

Include precise communications in your promotions for your event and in the itinerary exactly. Let your attendees know exactly what you want them to do during the event. Provide them with postables and shareables, fun hastags, and promo images. Use prizes to weave in fun contests. Make sure your communications strategy includes pre- and post-event engagement and tracking.

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