Aug 31, 2020 | Articles

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed workplaces in the position of balancing the importance of protecting employee and public health and safety with the need to get back to business and keep the economy afloat.

No easy task. Now more than ever, businesses and organizations are faced with determining the changes needed to adapt to this new normal. One area for change comes through signage, which is a critical tool for improving communication, safety, and so much more.


  1. Entrance and Informational Signage – Today there are numerous new guidelines to keep in mind when entering indoor spaces. Wearing masks, sanitizing hands, social distancing, and symptom checks, just to name a few. Clear, concise signage outlining the procedures and requirements for entering your facility is crucial for both ensuring measures are followed, and for employees and visitors to feel welcome and clear about what is expected of them while on the premises. Signage can also be added to remind employees of new procedures that have been adapted due to the pandemic, such as questions to ask a visitor on the phone prior to an appointment or where extra cleaning supplies are located.
  2. Directional Signing – Your office may have new rules about where people should enter and exit, what direction they can walk in, and what areas are restricted. Therefore, directional signage is another category to boost existing signage. This may also include information about restrictions regarding the number of people able to use a space at the same time. For instance, many businesses are using new signage to identify which chairs or spaces in a common area are off limits, to ensure social distancing. Clear signage helps reduce confusion and ensures safety.
  3. Signage and Branding/Marketing Campaigns – Instructional, positive signage can ease worries and increase the user experience. Make sure your signage is welcoming, rather than alarming, by choosing colors and typography that match the tone you want to deliver. This is an area where you can incorporate your brand within your signage look and feel, and even promote a campaign within your office to accompany signage. Creating a campaign that accompanies messaging in your signage can be dispersed through e-mail, social media, or other digital communications.
  4. Digital Signage – Many times during the COVID-19 pandemic, information has been fluid and constantly changing. Digital signage has a unique feature in being able to easily and quickly update people in your facility with new and changing information. Digital signing is also known to be eye-catching, and is an effective way to draw in peoples’ attention when you want to deliver a message, and/or have an urgent piece of information to send out.

Signage is a critical tool in adapting to the changing workplace. For more information about how you can update and enhance your facility’s signage, please contact us.

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