Sep 18, 2021 | Articles

Live events and trade shows are slowly making their return and there’s a glimmer of the “good old days” on the horizon.

It’s clear, though, that conferences, exhibits, and events won’t be quite the same as they were before the pandemic. So what does that mean for your trade show booth and display? Now is the time to fine-tune your plans and make some adjustments to ensure your success in this new event landscape.

Read on for five important exhibit trends and helpful guidelines to make the most of your upcoming exhibit schedule.

1. Local and regional events will be favored.

Anticipate an increase in smaller events with localized roots. This is due in part to concerns over the community spread of COVID-19, as well as reduced corporate travel budgets and attendee reticence to travel by air. Rather than immense exhibition halls and vast arenas, smaller venues and intimate settings will be preferred. Conferences will focus on quality over quantity and curate a more personalized experience for fewer, highly-targeted attendees. Portable displays, banner stands, and table tops are the perfect solution for these compact booth spaces and venues.

2. Safety continues to be a driving force.

Safety will remain a top concern for attendees and exhibitors when attending in-person events. Expect protective protocols such as masks, social distancing, and capacity limits to continue to be the norm. Exhibitors should keep this in mind when designing booth layouts, displays, and configurations. This need for ample space to gather—yet still spread out—will continue to drive the demand for digital design elements. 

3. Wide-open spaces are beckoning.

Expect a continued move toward outdoor events that provide ample air circulation and opportunities for social distancing, such as parking lots, parks, and tented venues. Outdoor locations will find new ways to connect with attendees via oversized video walls, high-end lighting, and immersive audiovisual experiences.

4. Sustainability moves to the forefront.

Green and renewable have long been discussed as trends in the events industry. Some companies have embraced the sustainable movement while many have merely talked about it. But now the trend is back in full force and people are acutely attuned to waste and environmental issues. Think energy-efficient HVAC systems, air quality, and a focus on reducing our carbon footprint.  Reusable, washable face masks versus single-use disposable ones. Plastic- and Styrofoam-free food packaging. Many brands have already moved away from printed literature, but COVID will accelerate the trend toward digital promotional materials that are distributed electronically. 

5. It’s all about the attendee experience.

In our current world, people are longing for connection and interaction. That’s why companies are seeking to create innovative, evocative, guest-centric spaces that speak to emotional needs of their target audiences. These exhibit trends are no longer the boring, static showrooms of the past. Expect exhibit design to take center stage with inspiring spaces that blend personalized attendee experiences with mesmerizing brand stories. 

The live event and trade show industry is preparing for a strong comeback so get ready to make the most of it. Staying on top of the latest trends is the best way to ensure that your company stands out from the crowd.

The path forward may be different than what we’ve known in the past, but the design experts at Adler Display are here to deliver the tools you need for success focusing on exhibit trends. Contact us today to learn more about our masterful trade show solutions.

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