Top 5 Ways to Highlight Your School’s Athletic Achievements

School Athletic Displays

School athletics bring people together. Cheering for a common team can be uniting and energizing for students, faculty, parents, and larger school community. This is why honoring your school’s athletic achievements can have many benefits. Here we list the top five ways to highlight your school’s athletic achievements.

  1. Mighty Hall of Fame – Creating a Hall of Fame display provides a great canvas to paint a picture of your athletic program, showcasing your greatest talent and achievements. Hall of Fame displays usually select top athletes from the school’s history and current classes to honor the MVPS. This is not only a great way to honor such athletes, but it creates pride for your school community. Hall of Fame displays can focus on one sport or show athletes from a variety of different teams. It can include pictures and bios of the athletes, as well as your school’s mission and value statements, using a style that matches your facility.
  2. Rich Historical Timeline – A timeline showcases the progression of your school’s athletic program. It can include team championships, student MVPs, and other recognizable moments. Maybe your school built a new stadium, won a nail-biting game against a bitter rival, or hired a top coach. Include all of these exciting moments in the timeline to serve as a recruiting tool for future student athletes. It is powerful to see the long legacy of an athletic program that makes a prospect want to be part of a school with a rich history.
  3. Honorable Recognition and Naming – Recognition and naming opportunities are a way to honor student athletes, as well as donors and those who contribute time, money, and other resources to your athletic program. Luckily, typical college or university facilities have numerous naming opportunities for their multiple locker rooms, gyms, pools, fields, buildings, practice areas, and more. This can often be accomplished with indoor room signs that have coordinated colors and fonts, or large outdoor signs to name entire buildings and stadiums.
  4. Inspiring Environmental Graphics – Creating an atmosphere that promotes school and team spirit is essential for any athletic program. Both athletes and fans will be energized by an environment that highlights team colors, mascots, and slogans. Athletic buildings are a great place to get creative and show off your love for your teams.  Advancements in the graphics and display industry allow for lots of fun and exciting branding opportunities, including backlit signage, interactive monitors, and floor-to-ceiling graphics.
  5. Fierce Recruiting – Recruiting highly sought-after student athletes is a major goal of many school athletic programs. Don’t just show your team pride at the school, take it on the road. With a variety of ways to create portable displays that highlight your school’s athletic achievements, you can make sure every prospective athlete has an opportunity to see what you have to offer. Recruiting tools can range from standard banners and table throws to more elaborate portable displays.

Don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your school’s athletic achievements. The effort you put in will pay off in the satisfaction of student athletes, fans, and your bottom line by helping to recruit new students and families to your school. For more information on creating outstanding athletic displays and exhibits, call our experts at 855-552-3537. 


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