Tips for Using Proximity Marketing for Your Next Event

Enter to Win

Proximity marketing is using a Bluetooth wireless technology to deliver multimedia messages to exactly the right people at exactly the right time.  

For example, a server sends out a highly targeted ad message to any Bluetooth device within a defined location.   The server detects all Bluetooth devices within range of your location, and “pings” the device asking for permission to send a message.  When permission is granted, coupons, mp3 files, photos, text messages and many more possibilities are sent directly and quickly to the device.

Proximity marketing is a new and innovative strategy to generate crowds at your trade show! Attendees at the trade show are actively shopping, and more than likely lingering and more accepting to proximity marketing messages. What better way to advertise than to have your ideal audience all in one room!

Here are a few ways you can incorporate proximity marketing:  

  1. Draw crowds by sending out messages about your trade show contest.  Send a picture and information on the prizes that they can win, along with the booth number
  2. Do you have product at your booth?  Send coupons that say for them to stop by your booth, scan the coupon (which generates a lead), and they receive a free giveaway!
  3. Are you a show organizer hosting the event?  Proximity marketing is a great way to send out surveys for attendees to fill out on the fly!  And for you to receive real-time feedback.
  4. Share in-depth data, statistics, and information that your staffers won’t be able to speak to.
  5. Send a popup ad that directs attendees to your social media pages.  Ask them to follow your company to stay connected.  

Fun example: At Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014, attendees were offered to join a scavenger hunt.  If accepted, an instructions sheet and list of tasks were delivered to their Bluetooth device.  The hunt encouraged attendees to visit the exhibits at show to collect Bluetooth badges that they’d receive by being in close proximity.  The first three attendees who completed the scavenger hunt were rewarded with prizes!

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