Tips for Gathering Lead Data at Your Next Event (part 1)

Events and trade shows are no small fee, especially if you factor in the time and energy spent to organize. To make it all worthwhile, it’s important to optimize on potential customers through pre- and post- show communication, technology, and data collection. Many fail to give lead generation the attention and consideration needed to make the event successful and profitable. Luckily, modern innovations have made data collecting as simple and straightforward as possible.

Here are 5 key points in lead generation to ensure a successful event:

Before the event
Invite customers to your trade show booth or event before the show date. Send postcards, evites, coupons, surveys, direct mail, letters, or email messages encouraging them to stop by with their copy to receive a free gift or discount.  In doing so, you’re creating a streamline of booth visitors, ultimately building a list of potential and interested customers.    

Lead Generation
Lead generation devices, also known as, Lead Gen are oftentimes offered by the show organizer at trade shows and events.  The devices are used to capture attendee contact information simply by scanning the bar code on the back of their registration pass.  At the end of the show, you will have a full ‘follow-up’ list of every attendee you interacted with.  This is a smart tool to use especially if you want to focus on the conversation, rather than spending too much time asking for their phone number or email address.  

Digital Forms and Surveys
Please leave the clipboards and pens at home. It’s time to create a digital form or survey that can be easily filled out via an iPad or touchscreen device. Attendees want quick and efficient ways to exchange information and feedback.  You can find many free survey generators online, we specifically recommend SurveyMonkey.

Get Interactive
With an interactive experience, attendees will stay engaged and gain a better understanding of your value to them.  Interactivity includes touchscreens, live demonstrations, iPads, mobile augmented reality, and games.  Creating excitement and attendee involvement will increase booth activity and drive sales.

Lead generation will be useless if a follow-up program is not put into place. Give your prospects a week or so to digest all the information they received at the show, but no longer than that, as they may forget your conversation. Depending on the interaction or length of conversation, you will have to decide if a phone call or email is more appropriate.  A helpful tip and a sure way to get a response is to mention something fun or a minor detail that was discussed, such as your outfit, what you had for lunch, vacation spots, etc.

A bold lead generation strategy mixed with a clever follow-up, means you are certain to make sales at your next event. Now, how do you make your exhibit interactive? Learn here.

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