Tips for Creating a Trade Show Budget

Trade Show Budgeting

Creating a budget is an important part of planning your next trade show. Since trade show costs can vary depending on the size of your booth, whether you are purchasing a new booth or using an existing one, how far you are traveling, and many other factors, it is essential to know how much you can spend going in. Below we have listed several tips for creating a trade show budget.

Determine your goals – What you want to accomplish by exhibiting at the trade show will influence your spending habits. Think about things that will help you reach those goals. For instance, how many staff members do you need? Will your booth require any special equipment or technology for demonstrations? How much space will you need to accomplish these goals? Starting with your end goals in mind is a good way to get your budget on target.

Choose a booth – One of your largest costs will be your booth, but this number can vary as well. Decide if you will be buying a new booth, renting a booth, or using an existing one. Using an existing booth will save money, but remember to include room in your budget to update your booth’s graphics.

Decide on a limit – Having a limit will help keep your spending under a certain amount, ensuring you are only including items you can afford. This will help you prioritize items you may want for the trade show versus items you absolutely need. For instance, fun promotional items may be a great addition to your booth, but may not be as essential as having a great booth and staff members.

Don’t forget costs – Besides your booth, staff members, and technology, there are lots of other costs to keep in mind. Remember to budget for the following: travel and hotel expenses, exhibitor registration fees, shipping your booth, booth storage in between shows, etc. Also, save room for unexpected expenses that may pop up down the road.

While exhibiting at a trade show can be a big investment, it can also provide a large ROI so don’t miss out entirely. (Learn more about determining your trade show ROI here.) Here are some tips to consider if you’re working with a tight budget:

Stay Local – If money is tight try exhibiting at local shows. This will cut out travel and hotel expenses, which can add up.

Rent a Booth – Renting a booth is a great way to create your ideal booth without spending as much money. (Read When Renting a Trade Show Display is a Better Option.) Renting a booth means you also save on storage costs in between shows.

Choose a Smaller Space – If designed right, a smaller booth can be just as eye-catching as a larger one and attract lots of attention. Bigger isn’t always better as long as you maximize the space you have.

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