Is it Time to Refresh Your Business Signage? Ten Tips for an Effective Signage Audit

Is it Time to Refresh Your Business Signage Ten Tips for an Effective Signage Audit

Is it Time to Refresh Your Business Signage Ten Tips for an Effective Signage Audit

Even the most appealing business signage needs a makeover every now and then.

Every day we go to the office, medical facility, classroom or retail establishment where we work. We grow so accustomed to this environment that we no longer take notice of it the way a first time visitor would. That’s why signs often become victims of complacency. The light bulbs go out. Colors fade. Damage occurs. This kind of decline in quality can create false assumptions about your about your firm and negative impressions about your brand. People tend to assume that if what’s visible is in disrepair, what they can’t see must be far worse. They may lose faith in your products or services and, even worse, they might tell others. While word of mouth can be the best marketing tool, when it’s negative, it can quickly erode your brand’s reputation.

Auditing business signage on a regular basis is crucial for any company. Conducting an interior and exterior signage audit can be an effective means to increasing your bottom line and improving your brand image. It’s an essential way to ensure that your company continues to resonate with your customer base and stays up to date with current requirements.

Here are ten tips for conducting an audit that effectively identifies shortcomings in your company’s signage:

  1. Assemble your “audit team”. When it comes to collecting signage feedback, the more the merrier. Solicit a couple of employees, preferably from different departments and different backgrounds, to tour the facility with you. Ask everyone to examine your company’s signage as if it was their first time at the facility.
  2. Define your path. Select a suitable starting and ending point to check both the interior and the exterior for your business. This ensures that no signage gets overlooked during the audit.
  3. Plan to take copious notes. As you move through the audit, list any items that need attention, along with detailed descriptions. Taking pictures is a good way to record issues so that you can easily recall them later.
  4. Start by examining exterior signage. Are your exterior signs in good shape and easily read?  Do they correctly communicate the nature of your business? Make note of any signs that need to be repaired or replaced due to damage, fading or obsolescence. Is any signage overrun by vegetation and in need of landscaping?  Be sure to check all exterior signage at night as well as during the day to confirm that the lighting is functioning properly. 
  5. Carefully inspect your interior signage. View the signage from all angles to ensure that it’s readable, in good working order and properly placed. Are the wayfinding directions that the interior signs provide still accurate? Are the names and titles on the signs current? Are any signs in need of repair, replacement, removal or cleaning?
  6. Observe your intended audience. Watch as visitors move through your facility and interact with your signs in both high-traffic areas and in less active locations. Do people seem to easily find their way and the information they’re seeking, or do they appear confused? If you have interactive displays, do people look at them as they pass by? Do they stop and use the touchscreens?
  7. Keep branding in mind. Have you updated your logo, typeface or corporate colors recently? Your branding should be consistent across all fronts, but signage is often the last element to get an upgrade. Keep your brand top of mind throughout the auditing process.
  8. Are you utilizing your space effectively? Don’t focus solely on what signage you have—think about creative ways to enhance what may be missing, too. Floor and ceiling graphics are two examples of once-overlooked signage real estate that’s now being put to good use.
  9. Don’t forget about compliance. During your audit, take time to ensure you’re adhering to all of the latest ADA requirements, OSHA regulations for safety signs, and current local codes.
  10. Decide how you’ll use the information you collect. You can use the audit results in a number of ways. For example, you might choose to take implement the suggestions immediately, or you could opt for a staggered installation approach over the course of several months. Or, you may decide to push for certain signage changes within your location, using the audit document as supportive material for the design alterations you request. 

At Adler Display, we’re committed to creating effective signage solutions that build your brand and provide optimal wayfinding capabilities. We’re here to help you keep your signage accurate, appealing, and in tip-top shape. If your signs need to be repaired, updated or replaced, please contact our team of experienced professionals today.   

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