Three Ways Signage Can Improve the Customer Experience at Your Financial Institution

With so much competition in the retail banking and credit union space, today’s customers have endless options.

As a result, institutions are seeking to attract these valuable clients by offering lower fees, higher returns, better tech services, and more. But it turns out that another factor has emerged as the top driver for choice and ongoing retention in the financial services industry: customer experience. If it falls short, consumers are more likely switch banking providers, according to a 2019 survey by Qualtrics. While tactics like lower fees and the convenience of mobile apps may help in the short-term, addressing a poor client experience could be much more impactful over the long haul.

Three Ways Signage Can Improve the Customer Experience at Your Financial Institution

There’s an unexpected way to retain and delight your customers.

So now you’re probably wondering what you can do to improve the customer experience in your financial services institution. One important part of the solution may surprise you. It’s your signage. This seemingly simple part of the overall equation wields more power than you might expect. That’s because banks and credit unions can’t afford to take the in-person interactions they have with their customers lightly. Despite consumers’ strong preferences for online and mobile services, it’s those face-to-face transactions that lay the foundation for building long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

Signage plays a valuable role in brick-and-mortar branches.

Digital signage in particular has proven to be a remarkably effective tool for creating a welcoming and engaging customer experience within physical banking locations. It enables these financial institutions to improve communications with everyone who enters, including clients, visitors, vendors and employees.

Here are three powerful ways signage can be used to boost the customer satisfaction at your bank or credit union:

  1. Inform customers about new or changing products and services. Digital signage can be the perfect medium for offering customers faster alternatives to in-person banking or new service options available to them. It can be used to share changes in service, such as new branch hours or upcoming holiday closings, as well. You can also use easy-to-update digital displays to inform customers about new products such as credit cards, insurance offers, or loan specials.
  2. Decrease perceived wait times. In today’s faced-paced world, studies show that they average customer isn’t willing to wait more than ten minutes for service. When customers are stuck in line for longer than that, they’re likely to leave without solving their issue.  If you’re lucky, they’ll come back later. Or they may opt to find a bank that can resolve their problem without the wait. One clever way to keep customers from getting antsy is by entertaining them to decrease their perceived wait time. Showing something of interest, whether that’s trivia questions, a TV show or something else, on a digital screen or video wall will hold their attention and keep them relaxed, resulting in happier customers and improved loyalty.
  3. Bring your surroundings to life. Credit unions, insurance brokerages, banks and other financial institutions can use various forms of signage to create striking visual solutions for otherwise unimpressive spaces. Convert an empty wall into an opportunity to promote your organizational mission, enhance its credibility, and keep members and clients actively involved. An experienced display company can assist you with everything from constructing captivating historical milestone memorials to designing elaborate interactive displays that showcase your firm’s philosophy, values, and positive impact on the community.

Banks are working hard to change their reputation for being dull and stuffy.

Transforming today’s banking facilities into appealing, welcoming spaces helps build the relationship between the institution and the community, and signage can be an important part of that effort. Whether they're used to inform, advertise, or improve the ambience, signs and displays can do wonders to enhance today's consumer banking experience.

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