Aug 31, 2021 | Articles

In today’s highly visual world, recognition walls offer the perfect way to express appreciation.

Your hard-working employees deserve to be honored for all they do.

In addition to giving credit where it’s due, public recognition wall displays can also be used to communicate the history of your corporation, its founders, and recognize those key individuals who helped you get to where you are today. Having an entire wall of the office dedicated to the appreciation of employees is not only a great way to add energy to an uninspiring space, but it’s also one of the best ways to recognize exceptional effort, tenure, and/or performance. And you can bet that your well-designed display will impress clients, vendors, and visitors, as well. Best of all, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to their design:

1. Wall of fame

Go big and bold and you’re sure to see some happy employees. Whether you opt for an intricate a lobby display with engraved plaques or a simple bulletin board in the break room, find a way to laud your top performers.

2. Employee success stories

While announcing a special achievement in the company newsletter is nice, consider the dramatic impact that an entire wall featuring over-sized high-resolution photos of your employees can have.

3. Commemorative banners

Looking for something inexpensive for shorter-term use? Why not consider colorful employee banners that mark years of service or other important achievements?

4. Multimedia displays

There’s simply no easier way to honor your superstars. Acknowledge leaders, innovators, and exceptional employees with easy-to-update electronic displays that highlight your company’s history as they pay homage to the key contributors to your success.

Attracting and retaining generous patrons is equally mission-critical. If you’re seeking a better way to appeal to new and established benefactors alike, a digital display can be a cost-effective and eye-catching way to do so. 

Here are a few ways donor walls are helping organizations of all sizes exceed their fundraising goals:

5. Impress visitors when they walk through your doors

If you’re looking for that extra wow factor, donor recognition displays can be the solution that will take your donor relations efforts to the next level. Integrative digital displays can blend in with existing architecture and include touchscreens, video walls, audio, and imagery that communicate the values of your organization and those of your donors at glance.

6. Score new donations on the spot

The beauty of digital and interactive donor walls is that they can evolve with your campaigns. Imagine having the ability to not only showcase campaign progress in real time, but to allow visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to make a contribution right then and there. With an interactive digital display, it’s all possible.

7. Encourage donor generosity with a speedy thank you

Recognizing donors is a key part of any fundraising effort but updating traditional donor recognition walls can take weeks or even months. Don’t let this delay be a deterrent for would-be patrons. When you incorporate digital signage into your recognition wall, updates can be automated to occur the very moment a donor makes a contribution. What a wonderful, immediate way to show your appreciation!

8. Recognize loyalty at every level

Acknowledging donors of all magnitudes makes good business sense. While traditional donor recognition efforts allow you to highlight your most generous donors, they usually aren’t flexible enough to recognize smaller benefactors. Digital signage offers this versatility in a cost-effective format.

It takes many hands to make your organization great. These are just a few examples of clever recognition wall ideas, but the sky is the limit when it comes to expressing your gratitude for hard-working staff members and generous donors.

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