Jun 10, 2022 | Articles

In any environment, signage serves to guide, inform, and engage, much like a concierge at a hotel.

In the medical setting, it’s even more important because visitors tend to be anxious, apprehensive, and unfamiliar with the layout of the facility. Smart healthcare leaders realize that signage has evolved to include significant branding opportunities as well as the ability to acquire and retain patients, attract top-notch medical staff, and more, simply by harnessing the power of a cohesive signage and display program.

Read on for five ways the right healthcare signage can improve the experience for patients and visitors.

  1. Roll out the welcome mat.
    The lobby is where the patient journey begins. Foot traffic is heavy here and with medical centers seeing more patients than ever, it’s not uncommon for visitors to spend 30 minutes waiting in the lobby. It presents an exceptional opportunity to provide this captive audience with engaging, beneficial content that is designed to improve the patient experience and reduce their perceived dwell time. Consider displaying branded messaging such as awards, rankings, and upcoming events. Healthy lifestyle tips and up-to-date patient education and testing information can readily be displayed through the use of digital displays, touchscreens, video walls, and compelling imagery that communicates the values of your organization.
  1. Support safe wayfinding.
    Particularly in hospitals, visitors are likely to be under stress or physically impaired, so clear, effective sign systems are critical. Making directional signs large and posting them at eye level will make it easier for the elderly or infirmed, who may find it difficult to look up while walking. In addition, large medical campuses tend to be daunting to navigate, so well-constructed wayfinding signage is a must.
  1. Educate patients and promote your service offerings.
    Patients may be unaware of the full range of services you offer. There’s no better time to tell them than while they’re at your hospital or medical office. Have you recently hired an award-winning surgeon? Do you partner with other hospitals or care facilities? Rely on banners, kiosks, displays, and digital signage to let patients and guests know about exciting news and other important information.
  1. Go digital to revitalize your surroundings.
    Medical institutions of all types and sizes rely on various forms of digital signage to create impressive visuals in entrance areas that are otherwise dull and uninspiring. Convert an empty wall into an opportunity to promote your organizational mission and enhance your credibility. Whether you’re seeking to applaud your healthcare heroes, showcase your values, put important historical milestones on display, or share the positive impact you’re making on the community, digital signage is the tool that brings your message to life.
  1. Say goodbye to stark textbook medical facility décor.
    Historically, the hallmark of doctors’ offices and healthcare facilities has been unimaginative functionality. Who says medical facilities demand a sterile appearance? With reimbursement now frequently tied to patient satisfaction scores, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are relying on graphics to create interesting and comforting surroundings. Colorful and inspiring, these dynamic environments reinforce branding and can provide an enhanced patient experience. For example, studies have shown that nature-based art is often patients’ top choice for hospitals. Specifically, artwork that involves lush, green spaces or outdoor scenes that bring a sense of comfort is preferred. On the other hand, abstract art is ambiguous and can actually lead to increased patient apprehension. The impact color can have on the human state of mind is astounding, so it should be a key factor when selecting graphics to adorn medical facilities. Cool colors like sky blue and forest green tend to promote a sense of relaxation, which can be very beneficial for nervous patients.  

It pays to put your best foot forward. Today’s institutions are vying for increasingly scarce consumer healthcare dollars, resulting in tremendous competition to attract new patients. It’s more important than ever to leverage every available opportunity to make the best possible first impression on visitors to your facility. A powerful medium for visual communication, implementing a strategic, well-executed sign and display program can yield significant benefits for your patients and your bottom line.

Channel these signage and display ideas to create a positive, supportive backdrop for everyone who visits your medical facility. The experienced design professionals at Adler Display will devise creative, inspired solutions that ensure your signage investment stands the test of time. Please contact us to learn more or to get started.

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