The Importance of Employee Recognition in the Healthcare Industry

Health care is a unique market. Most health systems are vertically integrated and have an extremely diverse employee population. From medical staff to the administrators and other support staff, balancing the needs of the employee population can be difficult.

Recognizing effort and saying thank you can be a powerful tool to keep employees at all levels engaged and productive. Considering the high cost of turnover in the health care sector, employee recognition programs can have a positive impact on both the bottom line and employee satisfaction.

Employee recognition programs should be multi-faceted and accessible.

Here are some great ways to implement an employee recognition program.

Social Media

Go where the people are. Engage employees, tag them in tweets and photos, and make sure to spotlight their stories. Post look backs and remember employees who started special programs or made a big difference. If you need inspiration, follow some professional sports teams and see how they promote their players.

Extra Time Off

Everyone loves a lazy day. Recognize great employees a great three day weekend. This great perk will have your department very aware of who is performing at a high level.

Physical Recognition Displays

Having your face on the wall is a big deal. Keep your employees motivated to go above and beyond by providing them with physical recognition. Whether it’s on a screen, engraved on a plaque, or a photo in the hallway, show your employees and patients the people who make a difference in your organization.

Team Dinners

Free food is a universal motivator. Whether it’s a big banquet with other honorees or a simple lunch with the boss, food can help break down barriers between employees of varying duties and levels. Having a C-suite leader or board members to articulate their appreciation in person is a great way to help keep employees connected to the wider organization.

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