The Do’s and Don’ts of Exhibit Lighting Design

The Do’s and Don’ts of Exhibit Lighting Design

The Do’s and Don’ts of Exhibit Lighting Design

Imagine how amazing your trade show exhibit would look under perfect illumination.

We’ve all seen those unsightly displays with missing, dim or burned out bulbs. That doesn’t do a brand any favors in a sea of healthy competition. Trade show lighting is designed to catch visitors’ eyes, draw attention, and create interest in the products that are on display. And although it may seem simple, perfect booth lighting doesn’t happen by chance. Read on for some helpful tips to make the most of your exhibit’s lighting strategy.

DO give thought to what’s the right amount of lighting for your display.

Using too many lights can give a cramped appearance and can even lead to overheating, creating a fire hazard. Insufficient lighting, on the other hand, can give your booth a dull, lackluster appearance. A number of factors should come into play in deciding how many lights you’ll need. The size of the booth, its configuration, and available space are among the most important elements to consider.

DO incorporate a variety of lamp styles to add interest.

Lighting can add dimension, illuminate objects you want visitors to notice, attract attention to your logo, and much more. Halogen lamps generally offer maximum power and produce lower lumens and more heat compared to LED lamps. They’re best for illuminating banners and logos. LED lamps and light strips tend to be more costly upfront but offer a long life and low power consumption. They’re ideal for ornamental purposes, as well as backlit displays and light boxes.

DO invest in quality lighting equipment.

When it comes to trade shows, lighting can literally make or break your success. Trying to cut costs by using low quality lighting equipment isn’t the way to go. Purchasing lamps and ancillary equipment rather than renting is smarter in the long run because they can be used for subsequent events. And while energy-efficient LED lights tend to be more expensive than fluorescent or incandescent lighting at the time of purchase, they offer much better clarity and an extended lifespan. In fact, LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting, so that prolonged product life can save you significantly on the cost of replacement bulbs. And their environmental friendliness is an important added bonus.

DO take advantage of uplighting.

The strategic placement of uplights creates a unique look that’s appealing to the eye. Use them to light up the lower section of your display wall or to create an interesting visual effect that incorporates shadows into your overall exhibit design. Uplighting is also a great alternative for booths without structural walls on which to mount traditional lamps.

DON’T overdo it.

Innovation is a good thing, but use it in moderation. Backlighting, LED stem lights, and oversized 3D logos are all effective ways you can experiment with lighting in your booth. The goal is to attract attention and make your display stand out from the crowd without being “too much”. Endless color changes and overly bright lights, for example, are big no-no’s because they actually detract attention away from the exhibited products. A subtle approach is best. Think soft hues for backlighting and slow color changes or fades to draw attention to key areas, like the reception counter or monitors.   

DON’T forget to create a positive visitor experience.

At the end of the day, trade shows are less about putting some bullet points on a display wall and more about helping attendees to have a constructive, memorable experience in your booth. Take time to think about how you want visitors to feel when they stop by and then use your trade show lighting to complement that experience.

When it comes to trade show exhibits, never underestimate the power of good lighting.

Great illumination can make an inexpensive exhibit look amazing, while poor lighting can make even a pricey display seem cheap and garish. Make your trade show investment a “do” by incorporating the right lighting design for your exhibit.

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