Jan 12, 2022 | Articles

Business signage plays a vital part in communicating your message to customers, clients, prospects, and employees.

With so much at stake, it can be challenging to figure out the best signage strategy to help your organization stand out in a crowded sea of competition. Designs change quickly too, making it hard to keep track of the latest signage design trends. That vibrant multi-colored signage system may be impactful right now but what if the industry shifts towards softer palettes or more natural hues? Will your investment stand the test of time?

As we enter 2022, consider these six design trends that are poised to take the signage industry by storm.

1. A return to nostalgia

Americans have always been rather obsessed with nostalgia but it’s taken on a new level of appreciation amid the pandemic. It offers a safe, comforting vibe which is very much in demand these days. Spending more time in our homes, many of us indulged in binge-watching favorite TV shows from the past. Retro décor is making a comeback too. As you consider your signage, feel free to channel the bold colors and flashiness of the 80s or throw in some peace signs and flowers to harken back to the 1960s.

2. Minimalism meets nature

No longer must you stick with black text on a stark white background to go the minimalist route. Just because you’re opting for an understated look, it doesn’t mean that color has to be your worst enemy. Instead strive for a clean, uncluttered appearance with simple designs and splashes of color. Incorporating shades of natural hues such as greens, browns, and greys can add sophistication and simplicity. For example, cider, moss, and rust are hues found in nature and are ideal for dressing up any minimalist-inspired signage design.

3. Vintage fonts

Serif fonts, for example, convey tradition and familiarity. They incorporate small embellishments at the beginning or end of each letter for a quaint, old-fashioned look. Serif fonts may seem dated but that’s precisely what’s appealing about them. They evoke simpler times and communicate a sense of permanence in a landscape that feels unsettled.

4. Gradients

Gradients are inherently versatile and allow you to incorporate your brand colors in a way that’s creative and eye-catching. The best color gradient schemes use three or more colors that are either complementary or monochromatic. They can be bold or subtle, the focal point of a design, or an understated background element. And because they mix and blend different shades of color, gradients can create new color combinations that feel fresh and modern, lending a completely unique feel to existing designs.5.

5. Symmetry and geometric shapes

In a world fraught with chaos, the comforting symmetry of geometric shapes will continue to appeal to 2022 audiences. This represents a change from the more causal, free-flowing designs that were trending prior to the pandemic. Geometric shapes are flexible and versatile. Use them for images, logos, or even to draw attention to specific information.

6. Enhancements to digital display functionality

Advancements are being made to improve the sound and visual qualities of commercial digital displays. Vibrant colors, attention-grabbing imagery, and interactive capabilities have proven to draw customers into retail establishments, so expect them to gain even more traction in the year ahead.

Channel these fun signage design trends and make 2022 a memorable, high-impact year for your company. The experienced design professionals at Adler Display will devise creative, attention-getting solutions and ensure your signage investment stands the test of time. Please contact us to learn more or to get started.

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