Technology is Changing the Event Experience

Technology is Changing the Event Experience

Technology is always evolving. One industry that is constantly affected by new technological innovations is the event industry. It changes the way events are planned, executed, and evaluated, and creates efficiency by offering advances such as marketing automation. Evolving technology can also add excitement to the event, offering new ways for attendees to interact with content.

Here are three ways technology is changing the event experience for organizers, exhibitors, and attendees:

  1. Increased efficiency is a result of many technological advances such as marketing automation and the ability to scan badges to instantly receive information about an attendee. Exhibitors and organizers can also create personalized content to promote the event in pre-show emails and mailings.  
  2. Evaluating the success of an event relies on collecting and analyzing data and receiving feedback from exhibitors and attendees. Online surveys make collecting feedback a breeze. Organizers can also observe how attendance and the number of exhibitors fluctuate each year. Technology allows exhibitors to track how many attendees visited their booth, the number of decision makers who interacted with their products and services, and how many deals were closed. This enables them to better calculate the ROI of the event.
  3. Easier access to event content comes in the form of mobile apps. Many event organizers use mobile apps that allow attendees to download the schedule and conference guide book to their phones. All of the information is now compact and easy to keep on hand, instead of having to carry around paper booklets and maps. Exhibitors that create mobile apps can use them at their booths to easily provide collateral to visitors, and even send material to visitors with the click of a button.

For more information on trade show technology, contact our trade show experts at 855.552.3537. Another way to incorporate technology at your event is by using video. Read more about the topic in our post, How to Effectively Incorporate Video Into Your Next Trade Show.


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