Mar 4, 2021 | Articles

Business interiors are dynamic.

Today’s businesses are choosing to transform their lackluster bare walls into eye-catching canvases that can do everything from creating visual drama to sharing the organizational vision and more. When you put the power and versatility of custom wall graphics in your arsenal, the results can be transformative.

Read on to see how these colorful wall graphics can enhance your environment and promote your business.

Tap into the Power of Custom Wall Graphics
  • Make a lasting positive impression on everyone who visits. You may not give it much thought, but the lobby of your place of business plays a crucial marketing role. The minute a client, vendor, or job applicant steps through your door, they subconsciously make assumptions about your firm. What kind of atmosphere does your entrance area have? Is it tidy or unkempt? Inviting or aloof? Is your brand readily apparent? Prominently displaying your company name and logo with a custom wall graphic welcomes every visitor and helps them connect with your brand.
  • Boost employee morale. Say goodbye to those drab walls and transform them into something fun and inspiring. Utilize colorful wall graphics to display uplifting messages that remind staff members of your corporate culture, your mission, and what you strive to be as a company.
  • Transform bland medical facilities into havens of comfort. Historically, the hallmark of doctors’ offices and healthcare facilities has been stark, unimaginative functionality. From exam rooms to reception areas and corridors, a monochrome paint job and some nondescript pictures typically completed the look. But today, many hospitals and healthcare offices are using graphic approaches to create interesting and comforting surroundings for patients, visitors, and staff. Colorful and inspiring, these dynamic environments improve the overall aesthetics of the space and can even provide an enhanced patient experience. When choosing wall graphics for the medical setting, nature-based is a smart choice. Studies have shown that realistic pastoral scenes are patients’ preferred option for artwork in hospitals. Specifically, artwork that involves lush, green spaces or serene landscapes tends to foster a sense of calm and comfort. The impact color can have on one’s state of mind is astounding, so it should also be a key factor when selecting wall graphics to adorn medical facilities. Cool colors like sky blue and forest green tend to promote a sense of relaxation, which can be beneficial for nervous patients.
  • Share the story of your company’s history. A popular trend for sprucing up blank office space is displaying corporate timelines and historical milestones using wall graphics. Not only does this tactic create interest, it also educates viewers about your beginnings and tells the story of just how far you’ve come. Utilize this otherwise wasted space to highlight your organizational growth and successes over the years.

Your options are virtually unlimited. Wall graphics can be customized to reflect your brand, your company values, and even to suit a specific wall application.

Regardless of the size or shape of the space, a custom wall graphic can be created to fit it. That amazing flexibility means you can easily enhance a wide variety of locations within your establishment, such as lobbies, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms, event spaces, treatment areas, and more.

If your place of business could use a refresh, adding some vibrant wall graphics can make a dramatic difference. Adler’s experienced graphic design team will work with you to create stunning custom images that will keep everyone impressed and uplifted. Please contact us today to get started.

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