Stand Out From the Crowd with Back-lit Signage and Graphics

Stand Out From the Crowd with Lighting

Most businesses and organizations put a lot of effort into standing out from the crowd. Whether competing for customers, donors, partners, etc., finding something to differentiate yourself is essential. Attention-grabbing signage and graphics are one way to catch and hold attention.

Have you ever witnessed how much time and effort interior decorators put into creating the perfect lighting, whether in a restaurant, shopping space, hospital, or home environment? This is because human brains are programmed to respond to light in specific ways. Light can be used to grab attention, set the mood, and either calm or excite people. For this reason, using lighting in your graphics and signage is a proven way to attract others.

Lighting is helpful for making something stand out because as we are often bombarded with stimuli, it helps us differentiate something and communicates to the brain that this thing is special or important. Lighting is also useful for making something visible from farther away, and easier to read. It can make colors pop and graphics seem more dramatic and vibrant as well.

Backlit graphics and signage technology has evolved to make them very affordable and practical. They can be used for indoor and outdoor environments, and can be printed on a variety of materials. Backlight graphics can be single or double-sided, and certain materials, styles, and frames allow for easy updates. Signage can be free standing, wall mounted, or hanging. These graphics and displays systems are often light weight and easy to transport for uses in trade show events.

If you’re going to invest in signage and graphics, make sure it is worth the money. One way to ensure maximum ROI and visibility is backlighting. Contact our display experts for more on this topic and read more here


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