Snapchat Launches New Tools Perfect To Promote Your Brand and Next Event

Snapchat for Events

Snapchat is now ranked among the most popular social media apps. According to Tech Crunch, Snapchat has 166 million active, daily users, and the user base is not limited to teens only. Snapchat has become an effective platform for reinforcing brands, influencing trends, and building relationships with customers.

Thanks to the newest Snapchat tools, businesses can now take advantage of the ability to reach their target audiences and promote events. For instance, businesses can now create groups to share their content and boost visibility, which also makes sharing big and memorable events easier.

Here are several new Snapchat tools for promoting your brand and next event:

  1. Custom Geofilters – Snapchat geofilters allow you to create custom filters from scratch then share them with your target audience using geofilters. The new tools include categories with templates that you can modify with your choice of text, colors, and graphics, and you can use them to promote your business and events, such as trade shows.
  2. Custom Stories – Think collaboration stories for this one. The steps to using this tool include clicking on the custom stories icon, creating your story, and then either inviting contacts to participate or sharing the story within a 1-block geofence around your location. The participants can then collaborate with you by contributing to the story.  Users are allowed to create three custom stories at a time that last 24 hours, but having more participants makes the story lasts longer.
  3. Storyheap – This tool makes it easy for you to collect analytics to measure the performance of your posts and campaigns. You can track what strategies are successful to tweak future posts. Storyheap also lets you manage and schedule your posts in advance to provide a convenient way to stay on top of your social media marketing plan.

In addition to Geofilters, Custom Stories, and Storyheap, Snapchat users can also take advantage of other new features. For instance, Naritiv and Ghostcodes allow brands to search for and connect with influencers in a variety of industries to try and create partnerships. For more on the benefits of Snapchat check out, Taking Your Awesome Exhibit into the Snapchat World.


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