Dec 8, 2020 | Articles

Retail marketing strategies change from year to year but captivating holiday signage remains a constant.

Whether you’re seeking to promote sales, new products, special services, or loyalty programs, signage has the power to create a great consumer shopping experience. This year in particular, with all of its turmoil and oddity, your well-executed holiday signs can take the guesswork out of in-store shopping and ease the overall process for your customers.

Here are six holiday signage tips that can help your store drive traffic, promote merchandise, and maximize sales this season.

  1. Coordinate your colors and theme. Much like incorporating the same image and colors across all of your marketing helps to build brand familiarity, the same holds true for your holiday-themed signage. Rather than using a patchwork of colors, fonts, and designs, opt for a consistent look and feel across your retail holiday displays. Your signs don’t have to look the same but they should share similar elements and be in keeping with your store’s overall vibe. And don’t forget to update any in-store digital signage so it includes relevant seasonal content. 

  2. Seek out opportunities for bundling and upselling. Holiday shoppers are always on the lookout for low prices and convenience, and cross-selling fulfills both of those needs. An easy way to promote product bundling is to place complementary items together and draw attention to them through eye-catching signage. Are you offering discounts on certain items if customers buy more than one? Say so with a sign. This approach helps people save money and complete their shopping faster, too.  

  3. Make holiday shopping its most efficient. The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t taking a break for the holidays. Face mask requirements and social distancing mandates are in place across the nation, and many people are seeking to limit their time inside retail establishments as much as possible. Given that stores are more crowded during the holidays, customers will strive to get in and out in record time. Signage can play a key role in simplifying the customer experience. For example, if you have a designated holiday section, consider using floor decals to create a path that leads shoppers there. If you offer special convenience services like curbside pick-up, promote it inside and outside using attractive signage.

  4. Use your imagination. The goal of holiday retail signage is to catch the customer’s attention. This is the time of year to go all out with innovative, exciting designs for storefront displays and banners. Think vivid colors, oversized graphics, and bold designs. Add some zest to point of purchase displays with pop-up elements, or bring wall graphics to life with interesting seasonal imagery and textures. There’s no limit to the creative ways you can enhance your retail holiday signage!

  5. Consider the advantages of digital signage. For retailers with high product turnover or rotating inventory, change is the order of the day. Digital signage can be easily tweaked and updated to ensure that a fresh rotation of branded messages and images is available to shoppers. It’s a convenient and cost-effective alternative to continually printing weekly window signs and decals.

  6. Brighten things up. Lights create a warm, charming atmosphere for interior and exterior retail spaces. They offer the added benefit of making sure your message is visible, even from afar. Spotlighting is another great option that can help your flex your advertising muscle by drawing consumers’ eyes to specific signs or goods. Whether you want to deploy lights in individual graphic installations or across entire sign systems, there’s a lighting solution that suits your needs.

Holiday signs are a great way to display all that your store has to offer this season.

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