Six Clever Ways to Enhance Your Employee Communications

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of prosperous organizations.

The Harvard Business Review noted it among the top three indicators of business success. But in today’s hurried, ever-changing workplace, employees can disengage all too easily. Effective communication has taken on a new level of importance amid the COVID-19 health crisis, yet it’s more challenging than ever to get messages across in the business environment.

Six Clever Ways to Enhance Your Employee Communications

In this article, we’ve compiled some powerful strategies for improving your organization’s workplace communication strategy.

  1. Digital signage is one medium you can’t afford to be without. It has become a hallmark of effective internal communications, capturing far more attention than other vehicles, and delivering robust messaging that your staff members are sure to remember. Digital signage is less expensive than print materials and it’s highly responsive, as well. These displays can be updated in an instant to reflect changing information or important news. When strategically placed in highly visible areas like reception areas or common rooms, digital signage can be relied upon to effectively alert employees to critical messaging.
  2. Reinforce your brand. Internal brand storytelling is just as important as external marketing. It improves employee engagement and strengthens your organizational culture. Employees who understand and believe in the vision of their employer are far more likely to be advocates for the brand, sharing their message of support with customers, vendors, and others. Signage and displays offer the perfect backdrop for reinforcing your brand’s unique story throughout the workspace.
  3. Breathe new life into corporate initiatives. When you put significant time and effort into executing campaigns and the results are lackluster due to low employee engagement, it’s disheartening. Why not create a buzz around the workplace using digital signage? Advertise your cause by dispersing clever, attention-getting reminders of the current imitative throughout the workplace. With witty leverage in place, you can expect an impressive boost in employee interest and participation in your campaign.
  4. Encourage wellness and healthy behaviors. Study after study shows that happy, healthy workers are more productive. Why not offer wellness-related perks from time to time? Use your digital display to announce short-term giveaways such as vouchers for free salads or deep discounts on gym memberships. Digital signage is also useful for sharing healthy lifestyle tips and nutritional information. Increase participation in your employee health plan by announcing flu shots, cancer screenings, and other important benefits.
  5. Highlight important company news. Back in the day, the printed company newsletter was used to communicate milestones and important benchmarks. These print vehicles have largely gone by the wayside and have been replaced with digital versions. But as attention spans grow shorter and time is at a premium, fewer and fewer employees are reading them. That’s why savvy companies have turned to visual content to get the word out to their staff members. And once again, corporate signage answers the call. It can help turn that often-overlooked newsletter into an engaging, must-read part of your team’s workday.
  6. Communicate new business strategies. Is your organization experiencing change? As leaders have long known, change is difficult to manage in the business setting. Fear of the unknown can take hold, setting the stage for productivity-robbing unease and distraction. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, communicating evolving strategies and initiatives via digital signage can go a long way toward encouraging a “culture of change”. The more informed everyone is, the less resistant they’re likely to be to your new plans.

Good internal communications are the lifeblood of every organization.  Having strategies in place that fuel collaboration and reinforce your mission is essential for growth in today’s dynamic business landscape.

The key to success lies in effective communication across the entire organization, and signage systems heed the call.

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