Oct 23, 2020 | Articles

Healthcare facilities rely on signage systems to provide necessary information for patients, visitors, and staff.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, safety signage has taken on new levels of importance. From enforcing physical distancing to educating people about symptoms and establishing new foot traffic patterns, it’s needed to convey a multitude of critical messages.

Here are six ways that effective signage can improve the safety and comfort of everyone who enters your medical facility.

Highlight preventative measures in reception areas and waiting rooms.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other medical experts emphasize that social distancing remains one of the best ways to reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease. In spaces where people routinely congregate in close proximity, such as waiting areas, prominent signage can encourage them to stay at least feet apart and not to gather in groups. Removable social distancing decals posted on flooring and seating that is not to be used are also helpful in this effort. Hygiene and safety reminders, such as mask-wearing mandates and protocols, proper handwashing procedures, and respiratory etiquette can easily be displayed on printed or digital signage in these areas.

Maintain appropriate distance in corridors and other high-traffic areas.

Implementing rules on how to navigate hallways is another tool that can help people maintain a safe distance. Prominently placed arrow graphics and wayfinding signs can direct the flow of foot traffic and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Bolster your safety efforts in non-clinical areas.

Help practice proper physical distancing by limiting the number of people allowed in conference or break rooms. Visible maximum occupancy signs can inform staff and visitors about these restrictions, as well as other important safety measures you may have enacted such as disinfection protocols in common spaces and locations of hand sanitizing stations.

Reinforce infection prevention techniques.

Particularly in high-risk COVID-19 zones within your facility, it’s wise to remind staff of extra precautions to be taken when interacting with patients. Signage that reflects these added measures, such as donning fluid-protective gowns, surgical masks, gloves, and eyewear, for example, can be beneficial to transmission prevention efforts. You also have an opportunity to inform and remind visitors about infection prevention techniques like effective handwashing procedures and how to wear face coverings properly. Many medical facilities utilize digital displays in waiting rooms and reception areas to share this important information. 

Support wayfinding efforts.

Particularly in hospitals, visitors are likely to be under stress or physically impaired, so simple, effective signs are especially important in this environment. Making directional signs large and posting them at eye level will make it easier for the elderly or infirmed, who may find it difficult to look up while walking.

Reduce anxiety with impact walls.

Large, attractive wall graphics are being employed to create welcoming environments and reduce stress levels for patients. In facilities that are challenging to navigate, these eye-catching landmarks can also be used to identify decision points for visitors making their way to various destinations.

The healthcare community is focused on healing.

Posting clear, consistent signage is an effective way to communicate the safety steps your organization is taking. It also goes a long way in reducing patient stress, preventing illness transmission, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

To all of the heroes in the medical field, we thank you for your service.  Adler Display is here with the tools you need to keep your staff, patients, and visitors safe and informed. Please contact our experienced professionals to learn more.

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