Create a memorable experience for your visitors. Interactive displays offer endless possibilities. They provide better opportunities for engagement and allow for a greater depth of information to be shared, translating into a more personalized experience for the viewer. Whether you’re considering a temporary display for a trade show or a permanent lobby exhibit, don’t overlook the advantages that come with making it interactive.
Grab attention and generate leads. When you’re at a trade show among a sea of other companies and competitors, you need an easy way to stand out in a crowd. Why not use an interactive display to engage visitors by playing a game, entering a contest, or watching videos? Strategies like these help to capture visitors’ attention, giving you more valuable time to engage them and share what your organization has to offer. Your display can provide access to your website, digital versions of print materials, demos, testimonial videos, and more. Interactive displays can also incorporate functionality for efficiently capturing lead data for follow-up after the event.
Maximize learning opportunities. From trade show displays to historical exhibits, interactive displays lead to active learning. When visitors actively participate in your display, it results in a greater connection and better retention. Even when your staff is busy with other visitors, guests can still obtain information they need on their own

Drive donations to new levels. Interactive displays can be incorporated into recognition displays, helping to support a good cause and drive future donations. Consider the power of a touchscreen display that allows visitors to hear donors share their stories as to why they chose to contribute to the organization. It not only recognizes the gifts of past donors, it also encourages new benefactors to support the cause.

Promote events, fundraisers, and classes. Do you want to generate interest for your next conference, create a buzz about the upcoming blood drive, or let everyone know about the summer class schedule? Creating awareness is easy when you place eye-catching, interactive signage in prominent locations such as the lobby or cafeteria.

Make wayfinding a breeze. Hospitals, medical buildings, and school campuses are all complex, busy places that can be difficult to navigate. Well-placed interactive kiosks and maps can play an important role in improving wayfinding for students, patients, and visitors.

Leave every visitor with a great impression. Everyone who enters your doors, stops by your trade show booth, or steps on your campus is a potential constituent. Put our expertise to work to create an interactive display that will make every visitor feel welcomed, engaged, and impressed.

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