Stand out in a crowd. The signage you choose for your organization’s lobby is one of its most important elements. As visitors and potential clients enter your facility, they’re subconsciously making decisions about their level of comfort and their desire to engage with your company. A prominently placed, eye-catching dimensional logo helps visitors know they are in the right place, enhancing their experience while reinforcing your brand.
Add style to a lackluster space. Dimensional logos can also provide an interesting, attractive focal point to an otherwise boring wall. And there’s no shortage of options for your design:
  • You might decide to include your tagline, or opt to showcase your logo on its own.
  • Choose from an endless assortment of colors, finishes, materials, fonts, and layouts.
  • Some businesses like to mount their dimensional logos directly to the wall, while others prefer them mounted to a panel that is then fixed to the wall, providing extra depth, simplified installation and easier relocation if needed.
  • Lighting is an important consideration, too. Overhead lighting lends a more traditional appearance to your logo, while backlighting really makes the letters stand out.
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Reflect your organization’s personality. Every company has its own unique style. What’s yours? Whether your culture is casual and relaxed, formal and conservative, or sleek and contemporary, there’s a dimensional logo design to help you convey it. From the understated to the statement-making, dimensional logos can help make a positive impression on everyone who visits.

Fortify your brand without breaking the bank. In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s smart to seize every opportunity to communicate your organization’s mission and brand. Your lobby is the best place to start and dimensional logos don’t have to be costly. Our experienced designers can help you select elements to make your company look its best, all within your budget.

Let us know how we can help you! Use the form below or call us at 855-552-3537.