Illuminate your brand. In today’s crowded marketplace, businesses are always seeking new ways to help their brand stand out and get noticed. Backlit graphics have become tremendously popular in recent years due to their ability to generate attention and create extraordinary environments.

A marketing vehicle with impact. Whether for permanent installations or temporary uses like trade shows, backlit graphics create vibrant, dramatic displays that effectively promote products and services. Backlit fabric signage and backlit film signage, such as light boxes, produce a luminous quality that gives the appearance of depth. Because of its backlit nature, the information displayed is also more vivid and readable, making the graphic more memorable to viewers.

Bring any environment into the light. Custom printed backlit graphics offer a standout solution for so many settings:

  • In the retail space, users want the high-quality look and pop of color that can only be achieved with backlit signage.
  • Travel venues such as airports and bus stations need to attract attention and convey information to hurried travelers, so they turn to backlit displays.
  • From schools to hospitals, campus information kiosks and wayfinding gets a boost from the high-impact appearance that backlit signage delivers.

In fact, any business entity can benefit from well-designed backlit signage.

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Lighten up. Backlit graphics are no longer reserved for the very large or well-funded organization. We provide stunning, durable, cost-effective signage solutions that are impossible to miss. Professionally crafted with precision and care, our backlit graphic displays will allow you to create environments that are far beyond the ordinary.

Let us know how we can help you! Use the form below or call us at 855-552-3537.