Set Goals Before Your Next Trade Show

Trade Show Tips

Trade shows are a unique way to market your products and services. At Adler Display, we know they can be extremely effective, but trade shows can also be expensive and time consuming. This makes it essential to set goals for your show so you can measure your success.  

Here are 3 simple ways to set achievable goals for your next trade show exhibit.

  1. Consider your objectives at the trade show. Are you attending to showcase a new product? Looking to generate more sales and leads? Or are you trying to build brand awareness? Whatever your objectives, make sure they are clearly fleshed out before you start planning for the show. If you have a single objective, your goals will be easy to define. If not, you may have a mixed message that doesn’t fully resonate with your target audience.
  2. Outline your expected results. Once you know your objective, try to set quantifiable (numbers-based) targets to hit. The more specific you make your goals, the better you will be able to measure how you and your team performed. For instance, if your goal is to increase leads, specify how many leads you are aiming for. That way it is easy to measure if you reached that goal.
  3. How do your trade show goals and objectives fit into your larger marketing and branding efforts? Trade shows aren’t stand-alone events inexperienced marketers might think they are. They should be reinforcing and elevating your existent marketing strategy. Don’t go to trade shows that don’t meet your larger marketing objectives, since you’ll never be able to reach your goals, and it will frustrate your team. Choose trade shows that speak to your target audience.

At Adler Display, we know trade show displays can do a lot to enhance your marketing plans with measurable results. Always focus first on your goals and objectives, so your measurement and return on exhibit investment are meaningful.


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