Oct 31, 2019 | Articles, Helpful Display Tips

As self-service shopping becomes more and more integrated into daily life, non profit organizations have begun using self service giving as a way to increase donor participation and giving levels. Hospitals have even used them as a way to encourage blood and organ donations. Self service kiosks can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. If you are looking for a custom donation kiosk, we have some tips that will help you make the most of your investment.

Show appreciation.

Self service kiosks are ripe for video, audio, and photos showcasing donor stories. The rich interactivity made possible by touchscreen monitors and true interactivity can be instrumental in engaging and motivating potential donors.

Where does the money go?

Again, with millions of customizable options, kiosks can demonstrate the impact of your organization’s work. Showcase not only donor stories, but stories from recipients of aid and the communities benefiting from your programs. Providing more depth and understanding of your mission is a great way to engage contributors.

Make it easy to use

Ease of use can be a major failure point for self service kiosks. You don’t want to have to station a volunteer or staffer to watch over the kiosk- if so, what’s the point? Make sure that you include clear, concise instructions on how to donate with your self service kiosk (and don’t be afraid to use big, bold type).

Location, location, location

Your kiosk won’t see a lot of use if it’s tucked back in a corner somewhere or jammed into a narrow, high-traffic hallway. Make sure you carefully consider a location to allow potential donors to linger and explore the content you’ve created. This will draw them in and help them feel comfortable opening their wallets.

Promote and Thank

Point out your kiosk to donors, volunteers, and community members in your office. Make sure you have updated content that will appeal to visitors and existing donors alike. Thanking contributors instantly is also an excellent way to increase engagement- no need to wait for snail mail or time to make phone calls. 

There are endless options for self-service fundraising kiosks. They can profoundly improve your ability to generate revenue from existing sources, as well as creating new and exciting ones that your donors and volunteers will love! Contact us today to find out how we can help you create a donation kiosks.

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