Say Goodbye to Boring with these Backlit Display Solutions

In a growing sea of competition, a backlit display is sure to get your brand noticed.

Stunningly appealing and infinitely adaptable, these colorful focal points effectively catch the attention of visitors and draw them in. Boasting endless flexibility, you can choose to mount your backlit display or keep it freestanding, and you can even combine units to create a massive exhibit that will stand out from the crowd. Backlit displays create a high-end ambience that’s ideal for museums, restaurants, travel venues, commercial applications and retail establishments, as well as trade shows and events.

Say Goodbye to Boring with these Backlit Display Solutions

Present your brand in a compelling and memorable way.

Exhibiting your products and services is about more than simply greeting visitors. It’s also about making positive first impressions, getting your message across, and forging new connections with prospects. To accomplish those goals, you need to create a favorable experience for everyone who enters your place of business or stops by your trade show booth. A dark, shadowy display with illegible messaging isn’t going to make the impression you’re seeking. Clearly and effectively communicate your marketing message with a stunning visual display that engages visitors and compels their interest. Backlit displays make it easy to deliver high-impact appeal en masse.

Versatility reigns supreme.

Whether your space resides in a corporate lobby, mall, school, travel plaza, or in a grand island booth at a trade show, there’s an LED backlit configuration to meet your needs. Some of the many options available include modular LED light box displays, light towers, backlit pop up displays, and backlit portable counters. Suitable for everything from small table top spaces to expansive modular murals, these completely custom display solutions can be crafted to suit any need. You can even choose from single- or double-sided: the LED lights are side-mounted inside the frame, allowing fabric graphic panels to go on either or both sides.

Built to be movable.

Because backlit displays are comprised of aluminum frames with silicone edge graphics, they’re lightweight and easy to assemble and transport. Many models can even be reconfigured on a dime. Simply move your display in, set it up, and get your message out in no time.

Bring important points of information to life.

Backlighting allows you to showcase whatever text or images you choose while everything else assumes a less prominent position in the background. With distinct contrast and minimal competing distractions, the more focus the backlighted material will achieve.

Earth friendly and energy efficient. 

The printing process for backlit fabric is known as ‘dye sublimation transfer fabric printing’. It utilizes earth-friendly water-based dyes. These dyes are gassed and then become permanently encapsulated into the fibers, making them washable and built for reuse. This process also results in deep color saturation and a sharp, durable image that provides unparalleled visual impact. Backlit displays boast a low energy footprint, too. They rely on energy-efficient LED lights that burn cool and offer serious ecological advantages along with impressive energy savings.

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