Save Your Sanity and Rent Your Next Trade Show Display

When it comes to trade show marketing, making a bold statement with a jaw-dropping exhibit is a smart move.

These events provide invaluable networking opportunities and allow companies to connect with potential customers, so it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Trade shows can be expensive undertakings, however. The good news is that there are a number of ways to making exhibiting more affordable and purchasing an iconic trade show booth is no longer your only option. A custom rental display can make sense for your bottom line while offering a number of additional advantages.

Save Your Sanity and Rent Your Next Trade Show Display

In the following article, we’ll explore some of the biggest benefits that come with renting your next trade show exhibit. 


trade show booth rental provides event marketers with unparalleled adaptability. These displays offer the ability to add, remove and adjust the many elements of the exhibit to suit your unique business needs without the full investment of ownership. Renting makes it easy to expand or reduce components based on the scale of each event. New branding concepts? Try them out with a rental and evaluate the results before purchasing the entire exhibit. Take your booth for a test drive and see how it performs on the road. Plus, a trade show rental gives you the option to rent more than one exhibit at a time or even change styles from show to show.


Display rentals come in a variety of options, including modular, pop-up, and fabric, among others. Whether you need a small inline display or a massive island booth, there’s a rental exhibit that’s perfect for your needs. At Adler Display, we create all kinds of custom exhibits—even for rental purposes. You can modify the design to showcase your brand, the event you plan to attend, or to support specific marketing objectives.

Simplified installation and dismantling.

When you rent your trade show display, accompanying optional install services can also save you from the headaches that come with set up and tear down. That means that expert crews will handle all aspects of the construction and dismantle of your display. This ensures the best possible results while freeing you up to devote your time, energy and talents elsewhere.


If you own your exhibit, there are a number of factors and expenses to consider. For example, purchased displays require storage space when they aren’t in use. If you don’t have room at your location, you’ll need to pay storage fees elsewhere. For large displays, you’ll also have to factor in time and money for shipping and transportation. And don’t forget about longer term ownership expenses such as repair, refurbishment and disposal that will be required over time. Alternatively, when renting a trade show booth, the property is simply returned to the display company when the show is over. There are no additional ownership costs to factor in.

Endless possibilities.

Even if you already own a trade show exhibit, a rental display can be a great way to enhance it. Changing a couple of features in your existing exhibit booth by incorporating rented elements can give it whole new look. Your display could even have a different message and vibe for every show you participate in! You can also rent add-ons and accessories to augment your current booth in terms of its functionality. Accessories like shelving and literature racks can allow you better display your products, while counters and tables provide logistical support, such as places for staffers to store personal items and promotional materials. Launching a new product? Don’t change your entire exhibit. Simply use rented elements, such as a banner stand or kiosk, to share your exciting news.  

Should you purchase or rent your next display? 

Deciding whether to rent or buy your exhibit can be confusing. Answer these questions to maximize your trade show investment:

  1. How many trade shows do you attend each year? When there are only a few shows per year or when show dates overlap, rental booths can be a great choice.
  2. Do you have an existing display? If you already have a trade show exhibit, evaluate its condition and consider your company’s current marketing objectives. If the booth is old or needs significant updates, it may be worth considering a rental.  
  3. Where are your events? When making the rent vs. buy decision, consider the weight and size of the booth and each planned show’s location. If your exhibit is too bulky or heavy to ship, especially if the event is across the country or overseas, a rented display may be a viable option.

Renting a trade show exhibit can save you precious time and corporate resources.

You can customize your design, announce your presence, and incorporate the latest technologies, even in a rental display. Best of all, you can do it without breaking the bank.

Adler Display carries a broad range of customizable rental solutions that can help you make a statement and stay within your budget. Contact us today to find out how our trade show booth rentals can make your next event a resounding success.

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