Recognize Outstanding Athletes with a Head-Turning Hall of Fame Display

Athletics are a big part of many schools and universities. Recognizing outstanding athletes is a great way to build school spirit, acknowledge championships, and display records. Showing school traditions in an athletic hall of fame is a way to build faculty, student, and alumni loyalty.

Many schools resort to ad hoc display cases full of never-dusted trophies and old, uncaptioned photos. Refreshing and modernizing your athletic displays can be a struggle to conceptualize and complete, so we have a few tips for creating a successful hall of fame.

Work out a concept

Hall of fame displays can be elaborate, hall-length displays or simple add-a-name boards. Graphics incorporating mascots, school slogans, or fight songs are popular additions to surround hall of fame displays and provide additional dimensionality.

Interactivity is another modern concept that is increasingly popular. Interactive displays combined with additional graphics draw a lot of attention. The biggest advantage to an interactive portion is the ability to pack in a lot of information to the display- you can incorporate photos, sort by categories, and provide users the ability to explore the sports that interest them.

Pick a well-trafficked location

We see many hall of fame displays tucked into corners or at the end of deserted hallways. TO get the maximum impact from your hall of fame display, choose a location that will get foot traffic and is easy to find. Alumni are often drawn to hall of fame displays, so the location should be prominent or easy to find.

Inclusion is key

The more student athletes, teams, or coaches you recognize, the more people will be drawn to the display. Interactive displays can play a key role here, allowing for recognition and sorting by many different categories. By telling inclusive stories, your display can draw in more attention and activity.

Consider updates

Updating a hall of fame display is important to keep the display relevant. There are many factors to consider, including pricing, ease of installation, and the number of categories that will be updated. Updating entire panels can be pricey, so consider constructing your display with names printed on vinyl or window graphics, magnetic strips, or small standoff graphics that can be replaced with a minimum of down time.

Your hall of fame display shows the pride your school has in its athletic program. Let us help you design and build a display that showcases your history, call 855.552.3537.

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