Recognition displays showcase important people and contributions.

Custom recognition displays help you honor and showcase individuals that are important to your institution. They can be designed and built with a variety of materials and goals in mind. Adler Display is a leading provider of recognition walls including:

  • Donor Recognition
  • Employee & Achievement
  • Memorial & Tribute
  • Healthcare Heroes & Essential Workers

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How to Properly Thank Donors

Share gratitude for your organization’s donors with a custom-designed donor recognition display.
The tangibility of seeing one’s name displayed gives donors a sense of pride and a feeling of being appreciated. Displays also encourage potential donors to give as well, after seeing their peers have participated. Typically a wall-mounted display found in a centralized location of a hospital, university, nonprofit organization, school, museum, library or other institution, donor recognition walls created by Adler Display can be customized to fit the audience and purpose you want to achieve.

donor recognition wall

How to Properly Acknowledge Employees

How do you thank the people that are the face of your business?
Thanking for service…encouraging service. Your employees are the face of your business. The more appreciated they feel, the more gracious and professional they are when treating your customers. Employee Recognition Displays also motivate other employees to work fervently and allow your business to succeed. Recognizing those who go above and beyond — be the first responders, healthcare heroes, or everyday heroes that make your business or organization stronger because of their actions — deserve a display from Adler Display!

wall display

How to Properly Memorialize Those Who’ve Passed

How do you recognize those who are no longer with us?
Memorial and recognition displays are a perfect way to help honor those who played an integral part in your organization. From employees, donors, or members of the Board of Directors, a visual representation of the life of the deceased and their legacy honors them and serves as a grateful gesture to family members who grieve the loss of their loved one.

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