Reaching a Larger Audience by Streaming Live from Your Trade Show Event

Live Streaming at a Trade Show Event

Video has begun to dominate social media, especially through Facebook. While this trend may change in the future, right now video (especially live video) is a great way to expand your audience at a trade show or conference. With live video, you can give executives, reporters, and potential clients who aren’t attending the show an opportunity to see you “in person”.

          Determining what to do with live video is important. Solely streaming a live image of your booth isn’t going to improve your ROI or engagement metrics. Here are a few activities that are great for live streaming.

  1. Product Demos

Since you’re probably already demoing products, make sure to include a virtual product demo. Let the camera get up close with your product. This is also a great opportunity to create interactivity by taking questions from prospective customers, addressing FAQs, and proactively addressing needs.

  1. Guest Speakers

If you’re inviting an industry or academic professional to give a talk at your booth, why not live stream it? Several services will allow users to comment with questions as the event continues. This can be great for showcasing your industry expertise, recruiting new employees, and getting ahead of competitors.

  1. Booth Tours

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in the show, so why not show management how well it’s going? Take the time to explore the booth, introduce the staff, and point out products on display. This can help management see the ROI for themselves, even if they don’t have the time to be on the floor. It can also energize staff as they get to interact with management and see their hard work appreciated.

Livestreams can be a great way to become even more interactive on the show floor. Keep in mind that you will need additional AV equipment. You could even consider upgrading to a professional quality camera/microphone system to make sure your stream is high quality. This will also increase interaction and justify your investment.

Tell us, what are some ways you’ve used live streaming so far? What challenges or issues have you had to overcome to air a successful stream?

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