Re-imaging the Role of Digital Signage after COVID-19

As the nation reopens in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must establish protective new operational procedures.

One way companies can ensure a safe, positive experience for customers and employees is by making good use of the wide range of digital signage solutions that are now available.

Read on to find out how digital display systems can help your business reopen safely and smartly.

Re-imaging the Role of Digital Signage after COVID-19

Harness the power of analytics capabilities.

The digital signage industry has gradually integrated more and more audience analytics components to deliver tailored, dynamic content. For example, digital signage tools now exist that can track the distance between individuals and then post content to screens reminding them to follow social distancing guidelines. For retail stores and merchants, signage displays can track how many consumers have entered and stop incoming traffic once capacity has been reached. This feature removes the need for employees to manually count customers as they enter.

Bolster new space utilization guidelines in the office setting.

As offices begin opening up with a reduced onsite workforce, these environments are looking very different than they did pre-pandemic. Socially distanced workstations and common areas will be a mainstay of offices for the foreseeable future. Voice recognition technology is offering one way to reduce points of contact on interactive kiosks and displays in a variety of settings. Meeting rooms and conference areas, for example, will continue to play a vital role in business communications, but using a digital kiosk for reservations creates the potential for virus transmission. To mitigate that risk, voice-activated digital displays for scheduling conference and meeting rooms are now available. Digital signs can even relay information about how spaces are being used and if workers are adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Reinforce healthy practices with your visitors and staff.

Have you introduced new sanitization procedures? Are customers required to wear a mask while on premise? Are they permitted to bring their own grocery bags into your store? If you want people to perceive your operation as properly managed and in compliance with public health recommendations, it’s important to reinforce current best practices for health and safety. Polite reminders, delivered via strategically placed digital signs, offer an effective way to promote good hygiene and physical distancing among your guests and employees.

Put your menu on display.

Traditional reusable menus have gone by the wayside for now, so why not increase the appeal of your menu items by showing them in stunning high definition in the lobby waiting area or above your front counter? Not only can digital signage make your dishes look vibrant and appetizing, it allows makes the menu easier to read. Digital displays are a great visual aid for customers ordering at the counter, immediately capturing their attention. You can capitalize on this by displaying specific menu items you want customers to see, such as daily specials and recent additions.

Create a welcoming vibe.

Digital displays give you the power to transform otherwise ominous safety messages into positive communications. Use clever phrasing, creative imagery, and other clever visuals to lighten the mood. Helpful, easy to read signage such as welcome displays and indicators for hand sanitizer stations can aid visitors and employees in adjusting to new protocols.

Consistent, up-to-date messaging is an effective way to show your customers and staff that you care about their safety.

Digital signage offers an easily updated, visually-rich communication tool that’s ideally suited for today’s new workplaces, retail establishments and public settings. It’s become an indispensable technology that every industry needs to welcome guests in the post-COVID-19 world.

Digital signage allows you to create a connected space and a safer, more enjoyable environment for everyone who enters. The design experts at Adler Display can help you determine the right digital signage solutions for your unique business needs. Please contact our knowledgeable team to get started.

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