Dec 17, 2020 | Articles

There’s some prime real estate right under your feet. Yes, that overlooked and underutilized floor is actually a functional space that’s perfect for showcasing smart informational or promotional efforts.

Custom floor graphics are ideal for directing foot traffic, maintaining proper social distance, or even introducing your latest product or service in an innovative, memorable way. Boosting sales and brand awareness is high on every company’s agenda, so read on to see why floor decals have become an increasingly popular part of the marketing mix.

Put the World at Your Feet: The Secrets to Harnessing the Power of Custom Floor Graphics

Floor graphics go everywhere. You won’t believe the possibilities when it comes to application locations for your custom decals.

Transform stark hallways into captivating advertising vehicles or make an impression on the sidewalk—virtually any surface offers a promotional opportunity for these multi-faceted tools. Vinyl tiles, stone, sealed concrete, cement, brick, hardwood, and even low-pile carpet are no match for their durability. Custom vinyl floor decals can also be designed and printed with an important protective layer so they will hold up for months on walkways and in other outdoor areas.

Endless versatility is at your doorstep. Floor decals are amazingly adaptable.

They come in a limitless assortment of colors, shapes, sizes, and design options—you’re only bound by your imagination! Even their two-dimensional nature is flexible because you can design fabulous 3D effects with the creative use of perspective. Because they’re so versatile, floor decals are a great solution for schools, retail operations, hotels, grocery stores, medical facilities, commercial offices, industrial settings, events, and many other applications. Whatever business you’re in, there’s a floor graphic that meets your needs.

Maintenance and removal is a breeze.

Aside from the standard cleaning of the area, floor graphics don’t require any additional or special maintenance protocols. They’re dustproof and waterproof, and even though they are long-lasting, they’re easily removed when you choose to do so. Even decals placed on carpets don’t leave any residue.

Safety always comes first. Laminated with slip-resistant coating, floor decals are unobtrusive and won’t cause pedestrian accidents.

In fact, they’re so safe and non-slip that they are often used on dance floors. You can even use your decals to promote a healthy environment amid COVID-19. Simply apply social distancing reminders on the floor at six-foot intervals to ensure that customers, visitors, and occupants adhere to the required minimum spacing.

They’re highly cost-effective.

It gets expensive to invest in advertising space like billboards and television. But what about that free advertising space that’s right under your nose—or rather, your feet? Floor decals merely take up space that’s already been paid for. Plus, they’re inexpensive to produce, so you can readily add them to any given space without breaking your budget.

Hit the ground running.

Floor decals are an extremely versatile and affordable signage solution for a variety of situations and settings. They make good use of the high traffic spaces we often take for granted.

Let’s get started. Now that you know the many advantages of custom floor graphics, your next great promotion is literally just a step away! Please contact our experienced designers to learn more.

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