May 8, 2021 | Articles

When fans come to see their favorite team play, the game isn’t the only thing on their minds.

They‘re also seeking a remarkable experience, and their overall impression of the venue can have a dramatic impact. When buildings are hard to navigate or branding is non-existent, it often creates an unforgiving negative image. Here are a few of the important ways the right displays and graphics can enhance your athletic facility and create a winning experience for everyone who enters.

Here are a few of the important ways the right displays and graphics can enhance your athletic facility and create a winning experience for everyone who enters.

Reinforce team branding.
By incorporating eye-catching window and floor graphics, door wraps, and vibrant banners that cohesively reflect your team’s logo and colors, you’ll strengthen everyone’s identification with the team and create a long-lasting positive impression. Arena graphics are also a great way to support branding for your sponsors and stadium vendors.

Up the game for everyone who visits your facility.
Digital signage is the perfect vehicle for sports venues to inform and engage patrons. From practical uses like menu boards at concession stands and wayfinding signage to locate restrooms to enhancing sales opportunities through the promotion of upcoming events, digital signage has the power to enhance customer experience and boost your bottom line, too. And when they’re employed for festive purposes such as welcoming fans at entrances and concourses, it’s easier than ever to boost team spirit. Celebrations for great athletes and important historical moments can also be readily shared through the convenience of digital displays.

Harness the muscle of floor graphics.
If you want to make your athletic facility stand out, rely on a custom floor graphic to get the job done. Captivated spectators will be watching the game intently, and an eye-catching floor graphic applied to the center of the court or field is sure to get noticed. It’s a low-cost way to foster a stronger team identity and add visual appeal, too. Of course, floor graphics can add pizzazz to an indoor court but they can also be used outdoors for field signage, such as in the end zone of a football field. And smaller graphics can be applied throughout your team’s arena to enhance functionality and give it a unique vibe. You might apply arrows or other directional graphics to guide fans to their desired destination. And while blank floor space is often overlooked, it can offer valuable real estate for branding efforts. Instead of the typical marketing messages displayed on the walls or grandstands, a floor complete with interesting designs feels fresh, professional, and brimming with personality.

Create a powerful image for your organization. Quality custom signs and graphics are critical to the attendee experience at any sports venue. They’re the key to wowing the home crowd with an outstanding appearance while leveraging your brand, too.  

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