Project of the Month: Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals

Earlier this year Adler Display embarked on a new project for long-standing client, the Washington Capitals, along with the Washington Wizards and Washington Valor. The Capitals wanted to create a display to showcase hockey sticks for all of their current players. One of the requirements was that the display needed to to be able to be updated quickly in case the roster changed, due to a player trade or otherwise. Our solution was to create it so the sticks are mounted and can be easily swapped in and out as needed.

The Washington Wizards’ new display features retired basketball player and long-standing announcer, Phil Chenier, who wore number “45” for the Bullets. It features graphics, specialty lighting, memorabilia, and a monitor, and is able to be updated.

A third display for the Washington Valor features a monitor and display case with the team’s uniform, along with the team’s colors and logo. Valor is in its first year as a member of the Arena Football League, and the display will help familiarize fans and create excitement for the season.

Washington Capitals Stick Display
Washington Wizards Display
Washington Valor Display