Project of the Month: University of Maryland School of Medicine

University of MD School of Medicine

Crowd control stanchions with custom acrylic graphic infills.

Adler Display partnered with the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) to renovate the Bressler Research Building lobby and entrace space.

The goals of the renovation included bringing in color, branding, and messaging, as well as modernizing the existing Dean’s display, and creating a new historic women’s timeline for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Adler completed several large projects over the course of 2019:

The first project tackled was a remodeling of the UMSOM Dean’s display, honoring the past 30 Deans. This display features custom maple panels with inlaid silver laminate in a helix pattern.

Adler then designed and installed custom maple surrounds for the entrance columns. These panels were custom stained to match the existing panels at the rear of the lobby. To enhance the entrance and direct visitors to the security desk, Adler produced custom stanchions with acrylic graphic infills and a new logo with additional paneling at the rear of the desk. To bring in more color, custom graphics were designed and produced for the main lobby staircase.

The final project featured a tribute to the contribution of women in medicine and science at the UMSOM. The historic women’s display was produced on Aluminum Composite Panels by direct printing onto the textured panels. The panels were mounted to the mezzanine railing with custom “U” fasteners and additionally secured by rare earth magnets.

After completion and new carpet, the UMSOM held an unveiling event. 

University of MD School of Medicine

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University of MD School of Medicine

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