Dec 14, 2020 | Articles, Project of the Month

Adler Display worked with Trinity Missions to develop a series of displays, graphics, and signage to help celebrate its Centennial Anniversary.

The project was commissioned as part of a renovation to the organization’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. The client’s primary goal was to capture a sense of the charitable work they do at their missions, while also upgrading the look and feel of a dated office space with heartwarming images and graphics.

Adler Display held an initial site visit and kick-off meeting to review the space and define a budget. Our team worked closely with the client to identify areas in their facility that were ideal for making the most impact, and to optimize content to emotionally convey their story and mission.  

Highlights of the project include a mission statement display with photos of 42 of their missions, a 100-year historical timeline, welcome signage, a donor recognition display, and graphic vignettes featuring photos and interpretive text panels. Overall, the displays communicate the ways in which the organization preserves faith and serves the poor in some of the most impoverished areas of the world while honoring donors and volunteers that make such a profound impact.