Project of the Month: Green Spring Station

Green Spring Station Logo

Adler Display worked with Clapper Communications and Foxleigh Management on a recent project in Lutherville, Maryland. The three groups partnered to create a history wall for the newly renovated Green Spring Station.

Located in an area with a rich history, our design team began the timeline in 1936 when the station was used as a blacksmith shop run by John Long Jr. Green Spring Inn was opened in 1936 by brothers Ted and Roy Peddy, and later turned into Green Spring Station by son Tom. Today the station is comprised of boutique shops, dining options, and offices.

The background of the history wall shows a mural of the local area printed onto wall paper. It includes dimensional letters, wood bars to match the surrounding décor, and direct-printed acrylic panels. The display also features a monitor that shows upcoming events and advertisements, formatted to look like the Instagram feed.

Green Spring Station Historical Timeline